Do you suspect your partner is cheating on you? Find out how to recognize it

Do you suspect your partner is cheating on you? Find out how to recognize it
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How do you recognize infidelity? Psychologists say it can be detected by changes in behavior. Here are 8 potential signs that your partner is not being faithful to you

Sudden changes in appearance

Going to the gym more often than usual, taking an interest in a healthy lifestyle or a sudden concern with your appearance could obviously be signs that your other half wants to rekindle your relationship and rekindle the flames of passion. However, if your partner pays special attention to his or her appearance when spending time without you, it’s worth wondering if those biceps or that new lacy lingerie are meant for your eyes…

Constantly keeping your phone on you

A person who starts double-playing often sort of merges with their phone. She starts carrying it with her everywhere, even if gadgets didn’t grab her attention as much before. Your other half is passionately deleting messages, regularly clearing her browser, and then suddenly locking her smartphone or notebook with a password? Hmm, that looks suspicious. 

Missed calls and ignored messages

Your partner increasingly misses your calls and feeds you tales of dead batteries and poor reception. Questions on your part bring him out of balance and lead to scandals. And when your husband or wife stays late at work or goes on a business trip, you get white hot. A few short messages or dry calls – that’s all you can count on… Probably needless to say, this is a bad sign. Especially if your partner was not a workaholic before.

Changes in the sexual sphere

A sign of infidelity can be both frigidity and increased sexual activity. How does this work? In the first case, the cheater focuses on another person and forgets about the spouse. However, he/she may also make an effort to hide it, in which case he/she will start giving his/her partner more attention, initiating sex more often, etc. One more sign of infidelity is loss of emotional closeness and commitment during sex.

Changes in schedule

A person who is cheating has to constantly be juggling. Hence – urgent work to be done, business trips that were not there before, fake trips to the gym, etc. The cheating partner may also start forgetting important days, like your birthday or wedding anniversary.

Strange looks from friends

A cheating partner usually finds out about everything last. What cannot be said about the friends of the cheating person. Often they have to cover for the one who is committing the betrayal and brazenly lie in the eyes of the affected person. Do you feel that your partner’s friends are uncomfortable in your presence? Have they started being overly polite? Or are they avoiding conversations about your relationship? This is a warning signal.

Suspicious spending

Is your partner reluctant to talk to you about their expenses, and their explanations don’t sound very convincing? What do you expect? Infidelity is an expensive pleasure: hotels, romantic surprises, wine and other small pleasures cost a lot of money!

Loss of emotional closeness

Passion may die out over time, but in its place is attachment and trust. In a relationship, we share our innermost selves and open up to each other. This is what builds a strong emotional bond. If a partner suddenly starts to shut down, distance themselves, and stops sharing their thoughts and desires, it indicates that their attention has shifted elsewhere. Perhaps to another person.

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