How to pack a child for a trip?

How to pack a child for a trip?
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The end of the school year and the vacation period is a time for school trips, green schools and educational camps. What things should be kept in mind when packing a child for a trip? 

Backpack, bag or suitcase?

The choice of the bag in which to pack the child’s belongings depends primarily on the length of the planned trip. If the trip is to last several days, the most convenient option will be a backpack. All the essentials and clothes will fit there. For a trip lasting about a week, it is best to choose a bag similar to the one you take to the gym. Longer trips require packing a change of shoes, a towel, a hair dryer and more clothes, so it’s worth reserving more space for them. Longer trips require the most space, so for a two-week camp, it’s best to choose a suitcase that has room for everything you need. 


Well-completed provisions can not only help satisfy hunger during the trip, but also prevent possible stomach problems caused by motion sickness. The first thing that should appear in a backpack with dry provisions is a bottle of water. We choose the size depending on the length of the trip. Prepared foods that are easy to eat on the road, such as croissants, squeezed fruit mousses, sandwiches, kabanos, sliced fruits and vegetables or cereal bars, work best on the road. It’s worth limiting the amount of packaged sweets or sweetened drinks, as in large quantities they can lead to nausea or abdominal pain, which will interfere with comfortable travel.

Cosmetics and medicines 

Another item of luggage is a cosmetic bag. It should contain all the necessary cosmetics and utensils for daily hygiene. For older children, smaller packs of cosmetics work well, so that they do not have to carry heavy and full packs. The makeup bag should not lack shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush, hair comb, sunscreen, deodorant or body lotion. Girls should also be sure to bring hair elastics. You can also pack the most necessary medications, plasters or mosquito repellent in your makeup bag. 

Travel extras and accessories

When packing a child for an extended trip, you should not forget about a few extra things that may come in handy during the trip. A small pillow, moistened wipes or a book can be helpful for the trip itself. Your handy bag should also contain documents, a copy of your insurance policy, a card with your parents’ phone number and money. The list of useful gadgets to pack for a school trip can include a flashlight, sunglasses, tissues, notebook, pen, travel games or a watch. 

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