Arranging a terrace – how to create a dream place for outdoor relaxation?

Arranging a terrace – how to create a dream place for outdoor relaxation?
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When arranging an outdoor seating area, several aspects are important – the choice and placement of furniture, lighting, organization of the relaxation area and the style in which we want to arrange the terrace


The arrangement of furniture should be well thought-out. It should not obstruct the entrance to the terrace but also be easily accessible. You may arrange them in a horseshoe shape with a table as a central point. If the terrace is located by the pool, do not forget to place sun loungers and an umbrella nearby as well


When lighting the terrace, we have several solutions – these can be light sources placed on the facade of the building, but also in the ground of the terrace. Many people also opt for LED strips or luminous pavers in the canopy: this solution looks quite impressive and at the same time we can be sure that the entire terrace is adequately illuminated. Small terraces can be illuminated with just a lamp on the façade or with lanterns around the furniture and on the table.

Areas on the terrace

On larger patios, it is a good idea to divide the areas into zones so that each zone has its own function. On one side, place lounge furniture including loungers, chairs and a table. On the other side, place a grill. If you choose a coal-fired version, remember that it must be away from the facade of the building and flammable materials. In the case of a swimming pool, you can also divide the terrace into a third part – the recreational one. In it, you can place adjustable loungers, a hammock or comfortable chairs for relaxation. It is important to position the furniture in the direction that will be most attractive for guests and for you. The chairs should face the garden or the pool so that you can relax while watching the beautiful greenery or the water gently sparkling in the sun

A terrace is always better arranged at the back of the building, where your guests will be separated from the noise of the street. If this is not possible, it’s worth planting tall shrubs to slightly shield the street and other buildings, or use shields in the form of pergolas. On them climbing ivy or roses will look great. There are also wooden screens that can be painted and mounted around the terrace.

Boho style patio

The boho style is taking our homes, but also our gardens and terraces by storm. If you are also a fan of romantic macatas and ceramic figurines, we will show you how to create the perfect terrace in boho style. Stone-like tiles or Europallets will be perfect as a base. They look natural and are resistant to external conditions. Of course, such a quiet corner cannot lack elegant furniture, also made of Euro pallets or light wicker. To make your terrace a little warmer, you can arrange cushions in natural colors or with a mandala motif on the wicker furniture. A carpet in a similar color would also look great – grey, white and cream go perfectly with a wooden floor

Ceramic Buddha figurines, aromatherapy fireplaces, bamboo and wicker baskets can also be used to decorate your patio. They can be used to store blankets or cushions in inclement weather. Slightly carelessly hanging plant pots from the roof will add to its charm.

The modern terrace

A modern terrace should not lack simple but also elegant furniture made of technorattan and a metal garden table with glass and metal elements. It perfectly combines modern and loft style. Lighting also plays a very important role here. Geometric cubes or led strips will surely make a great impression, especially if they are installed in the floor or in the retractable canopy. If you care about durable yet lightweight materials, you can also purchase aluminum furniture. Decorate them with simple cushions and fabric seats to make them look cozier. Massive and simple pots with flowers and your favorite shrubs will definitely accentuate the whole look.

Photo: Collov Home Design/Unsplash

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