Cat litter box – what should I consider when choosing one?

Cat litter box – what should I consider when choosing one?
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As a rule, indoor cats cannot do their business outdoors, so the only solution is a litter box. Find out what kinds of cat litter boxes there are and what to look for when choosing one!

Litter box for cats – selection criteria

You can find litter boxes of different sizes and types on the market. There are many factors to consider when choosing a product, such as the age of your pet, the cleaning system of the litter box and the number of pets in the house. Let’s take a look at the main criteria for choosing a litter box.


Cat litter boxes are manufactured from plastic of varying quality. Cheap products from dishonest manufacturers are characterized by an unpleasant chemical smell, which repels animals. In addition, such litter boxes quickly become unusable, which requires the owner to buy a new toilet.


A small litter box will be good only for a kitten. For adult individuals, it is better to purchase a spacious toilet, in which the cat will have freedom of movement and will easily take care of its needs.

Type of construction

The litter box can be either open or closed. An open-top litter box is easier to use for both the cat, who can get to it easily, and the owner, who can check how dirty it is. On the other hand, there are cats which value peace and privacy while doing their business. For those, an indoor litter box would be better.   Closed litter boxes also have the advantage of less odor and less contamination of the space around the toilet.

Open litter box

There are different types of cat litter boxes available on the market. Open litter boxes with high and low thresholds are particularly popular. These models are often rectangular in shape and may come with an internal hanging grid. The high sill and inner frame prevent litter from spilling. A litter box with a grid can be used without litter, but it is the owner’s responsibility to frequently clean the main part of the structure to prevent cat litter odors from spreading.

Covered litter box

A covered litter box, resembling an aesthetically pleasing carrier from the outside, is a product that may or may not appeal to your cat. Depending on your pet’s personality, a built in litter box can both enhance and disrupt their sense of security. The advantages of such a house are the eye-pleasing design and the blocking of unpleasant odors. However, it is worth bearing in mind the sensitivity of the cat’s nose and the fact that the smell in an enclosed space may not be to your cat’s liking.

Automatic cat litter box

This is a technologically advanced litter box which is connected to the sewage system or the washing machine drain. This solution allows for regular flushing of the litter box spilled – instead of traditional litter – with reusable pellets. The automatic self-cleaning litter box is equipped with a sensor, which starts automatically after a programmed time after the cat’s visit to the toilet.

Litter box accessories

It is also worth remembering that every litter box can be equipped with modern accessories eliminating unpleasant odor, as well as increasing the comfort of its use by the cat and the convenience of cleaning up after your pet. It is worth paying attention to special active carbon filters designed for indoor litter boxes, which absorb unpleasant smells and ensure safe air circulation in the cat’s toilet. Litter box neutralizers are also available on the market, supporting the activity of hygienic litters. The product eliminates microorganisms that can grow on the bottom of the litter box.

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