Cat toys – which ones to choose for your pet?

Cat toys – which ones to choose for your pet?
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Handmade or store-bought, cat toys are essential for your pet’s proper development. Fishing rods, mice, scratching posts, tunnels… There’s plenty to choose from!

Your cat needs to play – both alone, when you are not at home, and with you, to strengthen your bond. This is a prerequisite for him to maintain a state of balance.

Kittens can spend about 10 percent of their time playing and romping. Adult cats, less inclined to mischief and pranks, also like to play. Play is an opportunity to socialize the cat. In this context, the role of toys is invaluable.

What toys will your kitty love?

Store shelves are full of various toys for cats – cheaper and more expensive, more and less complicated. It’s up to you to find the toy that will please your pet the most, by trial and error.

For very little money you can buy your cat soft balls, which it will happily chase around the house, mice with catnip, which is known to induce a state of exaltation in cats, or a set of toys, among which your pet will find its favorite. One paw tap is enough to make your furry cat lose its head for them. Give your cat a few toys at once and change them every few days. Otherwise, he’ll get bored with them quickly.

Your cat will also enjoy something more modern: lights and lasers. Your cat will go crazy with joy when he sees a spot of light flashing on the wall. Just be careful not to point the laser beam at his eyes. At the end of the game, be sure to throw him something tangible. Some cats may feel frustrated because they cannot physically catch their prey. At best, the cat will quickly lose interest in such a game.

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You can also make your cat really happy by getting him a tunnel. He will be able to hide in it, lurk for prey or fly into it at full speed, just for fun.

Scratchers and cat trees are, of course, invaluable support for playing with your pet. The cat can jump on them and dig its claws into them at will. And you can be sure that you won’t find a frayed couch and scratched furniture when you get home.

A great source of stimulation for your cat is any rustling gadget that sharpens his senses and arouses his curiosity. The rustling material will intrigue your furry one and encourage him to play. Fishing rods with feathers moving in all directions to imitate the sound of birds’ feathers are perfect for this purpose.

Remember to hide the gadgets in the cupboard and only take them out when you’re playing. Otherwise your cat will quickly lose interest in them.

An alternative to store toys

As you may have already realized, your cat is not a fussy creature when it comes to toys. Just a piece of paper or a leaf lying on the floor may intrigue your pet and make him lose his head for it. You know the situation when your cat suddenly jumps out of a box thrown carelessly on the ground or throws itself like crazy at a scrap of paper or a dried leaf from a potted plant.

You can also make it fun for your cat with a natural bottle cap. Just throw it and the cat will do the rest. You can attach it to a rubber band and move it in front of your cat’s eyes. He will certainly not remain indifferent.

Instead of buying a fishing rod from the store, you can make one yourself. Just find a pole or a piece of wood and hang it on the rubber band with a mascot, feather or ribbon attached to the end.

Keep in mind that cat toys are also very effective when your pet is stressed. They will help your cat unwind after a vet visit, for example.

What to watch out for when buying a cat toy?

When buying gadgets, beware of toys that your cat can easily swallow. Small plastic mice covered in fur or any type of thread, tape or string would be a bad choice. Their swallowing could damage the animal’s digestive tract and even cause intestinal obstruction.

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