Egg breakfast ideas for the whole family

Egg breakfast ideas for the whole family
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A nutritious and tasty breakfast for the whole family doesn’t just have to revolve around a few tried-and-true ideas that get repeated. Sometimes it’s good to try new recipes

Eggs are an example. Most of the time they are hard boiled, soft boiled or scrambled. This can quickly make breakfasts boring. However, there are many more ideas, all you need is your imagination and openness. Join us on a journey into the world of delicious egg breakfasts!

A French specialty

Although it was previously known in various original forms, it was the French who perfected the omelette recipe as we know it today. An omelette is a great idea for breakfast, especially since we can add our favorite toppings in addition to the egg. Classic omelets are served plain or with cheese and ham

Omelets with mushrooms or with spinach are also very tasty. There are also other omelette recipes. The sweet version will be a sponge omelette, served with whipped cream or sweet jam. On the other hand, the Spanish version is more like a tortilla. Then we add potatoes to the eggs. And here, too, you do not have to regret the additions. We particularly recommend the Spanish omelette with the addition of tomatoes.

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Simple and tasty

How about a fried egg on toast? This simple combination of two dishes is another interesting egg breakfast idea. All you need to do is prepare a fried egg and toast the croutons in the toaster. Now put everything together like a sandwich. Such wheat toast with the addition of butter will taste exceptionally good. Instead of croutons, you can also use bread, which should be well browned in a pan beforehand.

Elegant family breakfast

Oily fish is healthy and has a positive effect on your eyesight, so doctors will tell you. Why not combine fish with breakfast for the whole family? Salmon is an example of a fish that can be used in really many recipes. This time it will be part of an elegant breakfast idea with eggs

And of course it’s about eggs stuffed with smoked salmon. The taste of salmon perfectly matches the taste of eggs. The latter must be hard boiled, then peeled and cut in half. Take out the yolk and put into a blender together with salmon slices, a little mayonnaise and pepper. Once you have thoroughly blended all the ingredients, put the resulting mixture into the egg pieces and form it into a yolk shape

Instead of butter and margarine

What to spread on crusty bread to make a breakfast for the whole family extra tasty? Egg paste will be perfect. All you need to do is to finely chop hard-boiled eggs. Then place them in a bowl and add salt, pepper, finely chopped chives with parsley. The honorable ingredient will be mascarpone cheese. Now everything needs to be mixed very thoroughly

Then serve the paste on slices of bread. It will look (and taste) especially delicious on fresh wholemeal bread. And don’t forget about the toppings! Slices of onion, chives and even dill will be a great addition to this simple but tasty dish. We especially recommend egg paste served with golden pieces of smoked salmon. The fish can be cut into small slices and placed on the sandwich

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