Family games for console

Family games for console
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Looking for ideas for new console games to make your family afternoons more enjoyable? You’ve come to the right place! We have some interesting suggestions for you.

Console games for the whole family

Playing console games together, although controversial and uneducational for many, can be a great way to spend family time. The key in this case is certainly moderation and properly selected games. That’s why we rush to help and are happy to suggest some console game titles for the whole family.


An extremely charming and interesting game! You can play it alone or with other people (you can play as a team or compete with each other). Each player takes on the role of a ragtag player who roams a virtual planet and solves puzzles to pass levels. A big advantage of this game is the ability to create new levels as the game progresses. Creating new paths of play is very intuitive and takes place as if in passing while exploring the virgin terrain of the virtual planet.

The game is designed for PlayStation and can be played simultaneously by up to 4 people (Internet/shared screen).


Our second suggestion is a game that brings many people to tears. However, importantly, these are tears from laughter. In “Overcooked” each player takes on the role of a cook. The task is seemingly simple – to prepare a dish according to a recipe. However, in order to fulfill the task, the player must demonstrate good reflexes and cunning. A badly executed task in this game worries a little less, as the developers made sure that the exaggerated effects of failure are very entertaining.

“Overcooked” is a game that can be played alone or with the family. As with “LittleBigPlanet,” we can choose co-op or competitive. 

The game is available for PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC users. “Overcooked” can be played by up to 4 people simultaneously (Internet/shared screen).

Just Dance

This is a series of dance games that has already had 13 installments (the last one from 2022). All games in the series are similar and have the same premise – the player chooses a song and tries to perform a choreographed routine to it, which follows the cues displayed. So how do the different editions of the game differ? Each contains different sets of songs, but the goal of the game is the same – the player must collect as many points as possible, which he earns by imitating the dancers’ movements. You can choose to dance solo, but also to dance with two, three or even four people. 

Colorful setting, well-known songs, movement (after all, dancing is also movement, so a console does not necessarily mean a couch lifestyle!) – all this makes the game “Just Dance” extremely popular. It’s family fun at its best. 

“Just Dance” is designed for PlayStation, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch users. 

Family console games

Although the range of family console games is wide, not all of them offer the possibility to play with several people. The titles we have suggested meet this condition, as in our opinion they are a must-have family game. Also important is the option of team play, which can support learning cooperation between household members and overcoming difficulties together. So a family console game is not only entertaining, but also an opportunity to strengthen positive relationships with your children.

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