Flower pots for balcony and terrace – which ones to choose?

Flower pots for balcony and terrace – which ones to choose?
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Spring is the time when you start planting on the terrace and balcony. Check, which pots will work perfectly in such places.

Wooden flower pots

If your balcony or terrace has a canopy, a good idea would be pots made of wood. They look very aesthetically pleasing and look good on any type of terrace or balcony. What’s important is that you can paint them any way you like. To make them last longer, use a wood stain or varnish to protect them from UV rays. Wooden flowerpots are also ideal covers for plastic pots. Unlike the plastic ones, wooden pots are much more classic. In addition, they can be placed at a certain elevation, which will give the plants free access to air from underneath. This is extremely important if you want to ensure the proper development and growth of your chosen flowers.

Stone flower pots

They are quite heavy and massive, so you can leave them on the terrace without any problems, even in a very strong wind. They are stable, so you can put in even very large plants, such as palm trees or large cacti. Stone flower pots look very modern and will fit to most balconies and terraces. You can choose them in interesting colors. You also don’t have to hide them indoors, even during very hard frosts – after digging up the warm-loving flowers you can safely leave them outside on the balcony. They are frost resistant and won’t crack under the influence of temperature changes.

Metal flower pots

On the one hand, they look quite elegant and are a great cover for plastic pots, in which we often buy flowers. On the other hand, unfortunately, you need to take proper care of them. If you do not paint them with a special anti-corrosion agent beforehand, they will quickly develop rust. Choose metal flower pots, which have specialized enamel on them to protect them from moisture.

Ceramic flowerpots

Ceramic and clay are still very popular. They’re a classic for both the patio and balcony. However, choose frost-resistant ceramics and place the pots on solid ground. They are not very resistant to falls, so if the flowers are outside, put extra weight on the pot. Then even in strong winds you are guaranteed that the whole thing will remain intact.

Cement pots

This is a novelty on the gardening market, which has been very well received. Cement pots are quite heavy, but at the same time durable. Cement is resistant to frost and weather turbulence. It can be painted and will not crack under the influence of temperature changes. Many models of cement pots also have integrated feet, which makes it much easier to take care of flowers, but also to move the pot, e.g. inside the building. You will surely be delighted with their minimalistic shape. They perfectly fit into modern and loft style.

Plastic flower pots with irrigation system

As an alternative to plastic pots you can also buy pots made of plastic resembling wicker. It is resistant to weather conditions, and its color and texture very much resembles the natural material. Inside there is a special foil that collects moisture, so the plants are much better hydrated and thus grow faster.

Terracotta flower pots

Terracotta is a very resistant material to unfavorable weather conditions. Its resistance to frost and moisture makes it an ideal material for garden pots. It is also characterized by elegant and classic design. It will surely be a beautiful complement to green flowers.

The technorattan flower pot

As you can see, technorattan is not a material used only for garden furniture. Manufacturers also use it to make patio pots that are very resistant to frost and moisture. It is easy to clean and looks extremely minimalistic and elegant. It is sure to attract your attention.

Photo: Daria Shevtsova/Pexels

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