How to be assertive with your child?

How to be assertive with your child?
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Take part in a free workshop and learn how important assertiveness is when dealing with a toddler.

The training will take place on 27 December at 21.30 on Facebook “Misja Ciocia”. The classes are organized by a company that provides training for nannies working in nurseries, but the knowledge provided during the workshop is also useful for teachers, parents and caregivers. The webinar takes about 1.5 hours and is completely free of charge. After completing the training, willing participants can receive a virtual certificate of completion of the workshop

“Mission Auntie”

The organization conducting the classes is a company permanently engaged in the training of educators and nursery caregivers. On the Facebook profile “Misja Ciocia” you can find recordings of previous trainings, lectures and webinars organized by the company. The range of topics of the classes is wide: creating Christmas decorations, sensory toys for the youngest, posture defects in a child, psycho-developmental disorders of a toddler or building a correct self-image. The broadcasts are available free of charge

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