What to pay attention to when ordering a wedding cake?

What to pay attention to when ordering a wedding cake?
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The wedding day is one of the most important moments in life for many young couples, so it is worth taking care of every detail of the wedding. One of the key elements is the choice of the cake. What to pay attention to when buying it? 

Order well in advance

Before you choose a particular wedding cake, it is worth carefully studying the offer of several cake shops. Most of them have a busy schedule during the wedding season, so they take orders well in advance. The earlier you order, the greater the guarantee that the cake shop will meet the agreed date. Choosing a cake shortly before the wedding can make you miss out on the best cake shops, which will provide pre-wedding stress. When making an appointment at a cake shop, it is worth asking for all the details about not only the baking itself, but also the cost of delivery, the method of delivery, the quality certificate and the possibility of tasting different flavors. Ordering in advance will ensure that there will be time for all these elements at the various locations chosen.

Universal taste 

Another element that can be somewhat problematic is flavor selection. It is known that it is impossible to match the taste of every wedding guest, but you can bet on classic, proven flavors. Some of the most common ones include chocolate, royal or cake. In hot weather, fruity versions, such as those with peaches, raspberries or strawberries, are great. If the cake is to be piled high, you can choose several flavors, so that each guest can decide which option suits him best. 

The appearance and personalization of the cake

One of the most enjoyable parts about choosing a wedding cake. Current confectionery options allow you to create a cake that will be a unique decoration of the wedding in itself. Any shape, size, colors and decorations make it possible to create an original cake that will match not only the decor of the wedding hall, but also the style of the wedding and even the bride’s dress. In each wedding season, trends change as to the color scheme of the cake. Increasingly, there is a move away from the classic white, black or even red, and a focus on colorful cakes that complement the decoration of the hall. It is also popular to use chocolate as the main decoration. For example, you can coat the cake with a uniform dark chocolate and finish it only with more delicate additions, such as flowers. It is a good idea to decorate the cake – at least in terms of a few color accents – with decorations in a color that corresponds to the accessories of the bride and groom’s clothes. For this purpose, you can leave a piece of fabric or a pattern book with the color of the groom’s fly or the bride’s bouquet at the cake shop. 

Alternative solution 

In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, a modern form of cake has also evolved. Mini cakes, tarts or cupcakes can be arranged on a rack, on which the impressive baked goods appear as standard, and then distributed to wedding guests in ready portions. This solution allows you to mix several flavors and create a unique decoration. Some couples choose to order a small wedding cake so that they can symbolically cut it and keep the wedding tradition, but smaller baked goods are arranged around it for each guest. 

main photo: pixabay.com/Wedding Dreamz

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