Birthday in boho style – how to organize?

Birthday in boho style – how to organize?
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Boho is not a style in the rigid sense of the word. It is rather a reflection of the inner world of a creative person, who decided to express it through the interior design, the way of dressing or lifestyle. Birthday party in boho style is an original way to share your perception of the world with friends.

How to arrange the space

Harmonious space will be obtained thanks to the play of colors and/or the dominance of one of the style directions. You can bet on the Moroccan style, and complement it with souvenirs from Japan or India. When arranging a boho style space, pay attention to natural materials, simple wooden furniture and hand-crafted elements. Boho style also means an abundance of textiles. Make sure you have fluffy rugs, fringed curtains, and above all, pillows. If you are planning an outdoor party, you can rent a tent, put a low table in it, and put pillows around it instead of chairs.

Garlands made of pieces of fabric with ethnic patterns, as well as bright paper lanterns will help you create a festive atmosphere. You can decorate the walls with colorful scarves joined together with corners. Don’t forget to use some diffused light sources. Set up floor lamps, scented candles in jars or pots and glass lanterns. You can cover incompatible chandeliers with a lampshade made of fabric or paper, and replace too bright bulbs with those of lower wattage.

What to serve and how to decorate the table?

The menu should be simple. Ideal will be light salads, seafood, fresh fruit, natural cocktails and juices, light alcohol. In nature, you can fire up the grill, and at home serve braised meat and meaty salads. Regardless of the format of the party, avoid excess fat and fried foods.

Serve dishes in simple, single-colored or colorful, patterned dishes made of copper, brass, clay, or wood. The greater the variety of materials, the better – boho style does not like boredom and monotony. Depending on the general atmosphere on the table you can put a thin openwork or colorful, patterned tablecloth. It is worth decorating it with live flowers, decorative stones and twigs, as well as compositions of fruits and berries.

What to play?

Loud competitions and an entertainer with the skills of a ringleader will disturb the atmosphere of order and harmony, and yet a successful birthday party cannot do without games and fun. What remains for you? Consider dancing to ethnic music or a mini lesson in Indian or African dancing. In nature, you can swim in a lake or river, sing and play guitar, or weave garlands or moulin bracelets. Interesting ideas are also games, not only card and board games, but also those from distant corners of the world. You can also arrange a tasting of national dishes or drinks, and ask your guests to guess their ingredients and origin.

What to wear

As in the arrangement of the space in the clothes of invited guests should dominate one style. Hippie, country, vintage and other themes – the choice is colossal! The boho look includes layered outfits as well as lightweight sarafans in flowing fabrics and frayed jeans with a washed T-shirt or a voluminous tunic. Just remember not to overload your outfit with unnecessary accessories. Boho style is all about comfort, natural materials and closeness to nature, and in the case of women – subtlety and delicacy. Extravagance, flashy patterns and colors are a complete contradiction of boho style.

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