How to organize a child’s first birthday party?

How to organize a child’s first birthday party?
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A child’s first birthday is an extremely important moment, both for the little birthday boy and his parents. The first year is a period of great changes, continuous development and building a bond that will last a lifetime.

How to organize an unforgettable first birthday?

For several years there has been a growing trend of organizing dream first birthday parties for children. Undoubtedly, it is blamed on public figures who share their own photos and accounts of such events through social media. Ordinary families, trying to keep up with the celebrity-driven lifestyle, want to catch up with the front-page celebrities to some extent. And as demand generates supply, there is no shortage of advertisements on the web for birthday party entertainers, bouncy castles and playgrounds for kids, organizers of dream birthdays for toddlers. But does all this make sense, if a one-year-old 99% will not even remember his party?

The first birthday of the child: how to organize not to go crazy?

The first birthday of the child is undoubtedly an important moment in the life of the entire family. That is why it is worth celebrating it, immortalize it on photos, which in a few years’ time we will look at with tenderness. When it comes to strictly organizational issues, most mothers will certainly cope well with the organization of such a party at home. All you need to do is follow a predetermined plan.

  • First of all: the guest list. This is where the preparations for any big event usually start. It is necessary to determine whether the party on the occasion of the child’s first birthday will be a typical family celebration, or rather we will bet on the gathering of the child’s peers. Regardless of which option you choose, you need to prepare occasional invitations in advance and deliver them to interested people. You can buy these invitations at party supply stores, stationery stores, or order them at an online auction.
  • Secondly: the theme. In case of a party organized for children it is a very good idea to prepare a party with a theme. It can be a color corresponding to the sex of the child as for example at a popular baby shower. Themes with fairy tale characters will work just as well. Just choose one that the child recognizes or associates from coloring books. When you decide on a specific character, then it remains to prepare appropriate decorations.
  • Thirdly: decorations. This is another element, which makes the birthday party unique. On the “anniversary” you can’t miss colorful balloons in the shape of the one, colorful garlands made of paper, which will attract the child’s attention, as well as plates, cups, napkins with a chosen theme of the party. It is also worth investing in some gadgets, which will come in handy during souvenir photos, e.g. paper caps crowns for the king/queen of the party etc.
  • Fourth: the cake. There is no birthday without it. On the day of the first birthday the toddler should taste his/her own cake, that is why it is necessary to choose a reliable cake shop or make such a cake on your own. If you decide to order a ready-made cake, then you can usually choose the decorations that will be placed on it, and they should also match the theme of the party. Remember, that the cake for a yearling should be free from artificial dyes, sugar mass and other unhealthy enhancers. It is worth bet on light, creamy cakes with addition of fresh fruit.

What gift to choose for the first birthday for a child?

No birthday will not take place without gifts. A gift for a child for a birthday party spends sleepless nights not only for guests invited to the party, but also for parents. Those invited to the party have it so much easier, because they can always use the option of a so-called gift card to a baby store. Meanwhile, parents have to decide themselves what gift to choose from hundreds of products on the market. When choosing, it is worth being guided by the fact that the toy should have cognitive and educational functions, and at the same time be interesting for the child and adapted to his age.

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