How to organize a remote workspace at home?

How to organize a remote workspace at home?
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With all the documents, papers, and accessories, it can be difficult to keep your home office organized. Whether you work in a large office or a dedicated corner in your living room, there are plenty of solutions to avoid clutter. Check out how to organize an elegant and comfortable place for remote work.

Choose a practical desk and a comfortable chair

Look for a desk that is at least 120 cm wide. This way you can easily place your laptop and necessary work tools on it. Although the height-adjustable model is very popular, it doesn’t always work well in a home environment. The most ergonomic is a desk with a height of 70-75 cm. Also invest in a high-quality, adjustable chair. Your neck and back will definitely thank you for it.

Leave enough space

Make sure you have enough space to reach your desk in peace. See if you can get up from it and move away at any time. Although this seems obvious, many people forget about it. So don’t make this classic mistake. Apply the same practical rule that professional designers use. Leave at least 150 cm wide and 210 cm deep

Storage space and practical shelving

Remember that storage space affects your efficiency. Make sure you have enough shelves, cabinets for documents and necessary accessories. Think about your workflow. Place a practical document organizer on or next to your desk. And don’t forget the textbooks, catalogs, calendars and notebooks you use most often. Place them so you always have them handy.

Natural light and view

Good lighting is crucial for any home office. If possible, choose a place with natural light and a nice view. Position your desk so that it faces a window. Blinds will reduce glare without darkening the room. If you want to optically brighten and enlarge the interior, hang a mirror. Remember to paint the walls a light color

Ceiling lighting will brighten up the whole space. Put a small lamp on a desk too, so that you don’t strain your eyes during evening work. Install bulbs that imitate sunlight. They have a stimulating effect, so they motivate you to work. If you can’t enjoy the beautiful view out the window, place your desk facing the door. You can also hang a pleasant graphic or a board with an inspiring slogan above it.

Keep the contrast

Don’t sleep in the workplace. It’s all about your biology and habits. If you sleep, work and rest in the same room, you can’t fully relax or concentrate. You blur the line between work and personal life. If you can’t organize your study in a separate room, set clear boundaries in the living room or kitchen.

Create conditions for breaks

Set a clear work schedule. Homemakers should get used to you doing your work duties from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Ask them not to disturb you while you work. Remember to recharge your internal batteries during the day. Hang thick curtains on your windows and buy a comfortable chair. Try to spend ten minutes in a relaxed position, with your eyes closed, in silence and semi-darkness. This will help you recover and return to work with renewed energy.

Take two to three breaks during the day to exercise. Lay out a mat and do some stretching. If you have limited space, try to get up and move around at least 1-2 times per hour. This will help you avoid neck and back pain.

Reduce the number of cables (or at least hide them)

Wireless printers and scanners are one of the easiest ways to reduce the number of cables. This way, you’re less likely to trip over them. Also think about other wireless devices like your keyboard, headphones, and mouse. You can cover the remaining cables with plywood, hide them in a gutter wall you carved out, or plaster them flush with the wall. Remember to leave openings at the inlet of the trough. This makes it easier to replace cables or add new ones. Try to keep your work area tidy, so you can avoid distractions.

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