Practical gifts – ideas for different occasions

Practical gifts – ideas for different occasions
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Buying gifts for others can be an extremely difficult task, especially if the person you are buying for is not very sentimental. For those who are not interested in trinkets, practical gifts can offer more benefits and enjoyment.

According to a survey of 2,000 participants between the ages of 18 and 65, about 65% revealed that they dislike impractical gifts. The Australian Financial Planning Association also highlighted that 65% of Australians prefer useful gifts. Therefore, it is understandable why gift giving can be a difficult task if you are unable to determine what the recipient prefers. In addition to extras such as a wine label available at, it is advisable to add variety to the gift.

It is also essential to consider the feelings of the recipient. If he or she is an enthusiast who likes to search for various items of historical value, a metal detector, whose different variants can be found at, will be perfect. If you think that buying your mom or co-worker a shiny new bathroom scale is advisable, you may have to rethink the logic of the idea a bit. While a bathroom scale may be considered practical, people rarely want to be reminded of their extra weight on special occasions. So if you’re looking for unique gifts for friends that balance practicality and care, read on for some practical gift ideas.

Kitchen utensils

If your friend or family member is a master in the kitchen and enjoys creating wonderful and delicious meals, brand new kitchen utensils can be a good option. In addition to being practical, such gifts can help expand your culinary talent

Gifting cookware can also ease the recipient’s mental frustrations. According to Here’s Help, cooking is considered a therapeutic practice that many health professionals recommend to manage symptoms of depression and anxiety. So, for the recipient of such a gift, their brain may receive some benefits (including their stomach).

Kitchen gifts may include:

  • Frying pans/pans for cooking/frying,
  • Slow cooker/pan/steamer,
  • Knife set,
  • Wok,
  • Carafes,
  • Serving boards,
  • Waffle/ pancake/pancake makers,
  • Mixing bowls,
  • Various glassware, etc.

Given the wide range of options, you’re sure to find something that will be appreciated.


Portable Speaker

Finding gifts for friends that are both sincere and useful can make your head spin, but if you pay attention to their hobbies, you might come across something they’ll really love. For example, if they constantly make you listen to old hits, lend you CDs, or share their Spotify playlists with you, a music-related gift could be perfect.

A portable speaker is practical and definitely not boring, considering that you can take it anywhere. According to a survey conducted to analyze the market sales of Bluetooth-only speakers, approximately $1.96 billion worth of speakers (mostly portable) were sold in the United States in 2018. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors so the gift recipient can enjoy music anywhere at any time. Purchase audio video devices at

Foot massager

If the person you are to give the gift to is known for running marathons or works somewhere where feet particularly suffer, using a foot massager can bring a smile to their face and relief to their feet. The global market for foot massagers was valued at $395 million in 2020 and this amount is expected to grow. For this reason, you can follow the trends and gift your loved one just such a massager.

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