Beautiful decorations, or how to decorate the table for the party?

Beautiful decorations, or how to decorate the table for the party?
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Round, square, rectangular – tables are the focal point of any party. It is impossible to create the right atmosphere by decorating only the room. So how to decorate them best? We suggest.

Beautiful decorations = successful party

Every party must have an appropriate setting. Regardless of whether we are talking about a wedding, a birthday party or just a family meeting you cannot forget about a few elements. It is, of course, the appropriate space, room, music, food and … decorations, lighting and decorations. The latter have a very important function – they give the atmosphere of the whole event, even if we organize it in our own house

One should remember, that decorations are not only balloons, flowers and beautiful place, but also, or maybe even first of all – tables, which play very important role during every meeting. It is at the table, that the guests spend most of their time and it is on them, that they focus their attention.

Not only practical and comfortable, but also decorated with taste

The possibilities of decorating tables are practically endless. In this chaos of arrangements one cannot only forget about their practical function – that there should be space for food, and that every guest should be able to sit comfortably at them, freely talking and playing with their fellow guests

Beforehand, however, it is worth considering in what style the whole party is to be maintained. Will it be:

  • delicate and airy boho style,
  • fashionable, full of glitter and mirrors glamour,
  • an elegant one-colour style,
  • a theme party, for example with a princess or superhero theme.
  • Tables must harmonize with the entire decor and all the decorations that will appear at the party. It is impossible to organize a successful and visually coherent party if the tables remain completely empty and only the room is decorated.

    So what elements should you bet on to create an interesting and harmonious arrangement? The good news is that many of them can be rented, you do not have to buy everything at once.


    The tablecloth is the basis of the table decoration

    When thinking about table decoration, you cannot forget about the absolutely basic element, which is the tablecloth. You can choose from a variety of materials and colors, but the most important thing is that it is simply perfectly ironed. A smooth tablecloth is a perfect base for further action

    If a tablecloth is not enough, then one may be tempted to place a decorative fabric running through the middle of the tabletop, that is a runner. Properly chosen – especially in terms of color – will delight with its impressive appearance

    Underplates, or how to add character to simple tableware?

    Tableware occupies the leading place on tables. Even the simplest, most delicate one gets a unique character and glamour thanks to under-tablet, which are becoming more and more popular. Most often they are made of metal in silver, gold, platinum or black. They can also be wooden or hand-painted

    Underplates make the whole table arrangement look very spectacular. Under-tablecloths are also very practical – they protect the tablecloth from dirt.

    Subtle play of lights – candles and lanterns

    After the tablecloth and tableware, there comes the time for one of the most popular and most willingly used decorations. It is all about candles and lanterns, of course. It is well known that light creates a unique, cozy atmosphere, bringing to mind the warmth of a home hearth.

    Knife n Fork – Water Candles

    Candles can be in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be arranged freely, depending on preferences and space available on the table. So called floating candles, placed in glass vases or bowls with water also look beautiful

    Flowers – an obligatory element on every table

    The table cannot lack flowers, of course. They should harmonize with the decor of the whole room and – if we talk about the wedding – with the bride’s bouquet

    The choice of flowers is not difficult, but you need to remember about several issues. Important is their:

    • their color,
    • size,
    • fragrance.

    All floral compositions and bouquets can be placed in vases and special stands and racks, which in themselves are an elegant decoration.


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