How to strengthen the immunity of children?

How to strengthen the immunity of children?
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Taking care of child’s immunity is a simple way to reduce its susceptibility to viral infections during the autumn gloom and worse weather. At the same time we do not want to stuff the young organism with unnecessary substances of questionable origin which may have undesirable effects. How to take care of immunity in the youngest?

Basics of child’s immunity – already during pregnancy

Very many positive or negative consequences for our health flow from the selection of dietary components. How we eat directly affects the condition of our body and mind, all the more important in the case of a young child. However, we should remember that the scope of a toddler’s immunity is formed already in the mother’s womb. Therefore, it is worth ensuring optimal conditions for the child by taking folic acid. Iodine, iron and vitamin D are also important. It is also known that lower susceptibility to infections and allergies is achieved by breastfeeding the child

Proper diet formation

Also at a later stage, you need to remember about balancing the diet of a small child. It must be enriched with vitamins A, C, E and D, selenium, iron and zinc, omega-3 and omega-6 acids. The immune system loses especially on vitamin A deficiency. It is important to supplement the diet with dairy products, nuts, eggs, fish and whole grain products. Probiotics in the form of kefir or yogurt are also important. It is important that the diet is rich, age-appropriate and healthy. It is necessary to avoid empty sugars, artificial colors and substances that are not able to do anything good for the body. It is also important to properly hydrate the child’s body.

How to naturally strengthen a child’s immunity | Iwona Wierzbicka | Advice from a clinical nutritionist

Fermented products in the diet

It is worth noting that especially in winter it is a good idea to consume fermented products. It should be done out of concern for the bacterial flora of the digestive system. We are talking about the consumption of not only the already mentioned yogurt or kefir, but sauerkraut and other vegetables

Garlic and onions in the diet

No element of the menu should be exaggerated, but the inclusion of garlic and onions especially during autumn is a good solution. These natural antibiotics will protect the child’s body from disease. Monitoring your child’s health allows you to notice the first symptoms of a cold; if they appear, we should give garlic or onion syrup temporarily in the hope that this time the disease will not develop

Strengthening the child’s immunity through toughening up

The mechanism of human thermoregulation should be gradually adapted, especially to the conditions prevailing in spring and autumn. It is worth gradually getting the child’s body used to decreases in temperature. A slightly cooler day or a light drizzle should not be an obstacle for a walk with a child. The temperature of the child should be checked by touching its neck; if it is not cold, there is no need to cover the baby additionally. In the case of slightly older children, a daily walk of at least one hour is recommended.

The right temperature in the room where the baby stays

It is worth knowing that the rooms in which the child stays, can not only be too cool, but also overheated and stuffy. The optimal and most healthy temperature is between 19 and 22 degrees C. The room should be ventilated regularly. This should take place both before – and after sleeping. The air inside should be humidified.

Avoiding stress

This factor is often not taken quite seriously, but one of the factors that weaken immunity in children is excess stress. It is for this reason that the first weeks of school are also often associated with a number of infections. So it is worth trying to reduce negative emotions to a minimum. A good solution is to spend a lot of time with your child, so that he or she feels needed, relaxed and has a good dose of fun.

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