Mirror to the hallway – which one to choose?

Mirror to the hallway – which one to choose?
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Choosing the best mirror for the hallway is often quite a challenge. It is important that not only fulfilled its useful function, but also harmonized with the style of the interior. What to pay attention to when buying a mirror for the hallway?

Room size

This is undoubtedly one of the most important elements. While in the case of large areas, the installation of a separate mirror should not be a problem, but for a small area of the anteroom it is worth considering other solutions. In such a situation, it may be a good idea to buy a closet with a mirror mounted on it, so that you will not need additional space on the wall.

The frame of the mirror

It should be matched as well as possible to the style of the apartment. In modern and minimalist interiors, mirrors with a narrow, simple frame without additional decorations will work best. In apartments decorated in the style of glamour it is worth to tempt, in turn, massive, richly decorated frames with gold or silver color. On the other hand, lovers of Scandinavian or boho style should reach for natural materials, such as wood. If you care about optical enlargement of the room, a good solution will be mounting a frameless mirror on the entire surface of the wall.

How to mount a mirror – what to remember?

While installing a mirror you need to pay attention to make sure it is well lit. A solution may be to purchase a mirror with built-in lighting. You should also remember to adjust its height to the height of each household member, so that he or she can easily look into it.

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