What can you do to make cleaning easier? Here are some useful tricks

What can you do to make cleaning easier? Here are some useful tricks
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When your apartment is clean and tidy, you feel really good in it. The problem is that it is not easy to keep things tidy for long. Most of us don’t like cleaning. If we want to do it faster and more efficiently, it is a good idea to plan it well.

Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule is usually a table with the days of the week in the column headings. Each day you should write activities that you want to do. For each activity, it is good to add the room designation of the activity. If the cleaning is shared with other household members, you can add a letter from the name of the person who is to perform the task

A schedule is a very good thing, because thanks to it you will not forget about any activity, even those that are performed rarely. Regularity is important here. Everyone knows that it is difficult to clean the shower tray after weeks of neglect or to clean a burnt pan. On a Monday’s schedule, you can enter: washing the sink and mirror, ironing and dusting. The next day there will be other activities and this way you will clean every day for only 15-20 minutes without wasting e.g. the whole Saturday

Make cleaning easier for yourself

There are a number of accessories on the market that make cleaning easier, more pleasant and faster. Before you start cleaning, it’s a good idea to gather the accessories you need so you have them at hand. Moist cloths, sponges, mops and cleaning fluids are very useful. If you can afford such an expense, then buy a ride-on vacuum cleaner. This is a device that can be programmed. It will do the work for you. The vacuum cleaner can clean even when you are away from home. Also, make sure that there are no objects such as cardboard boxes, bags or suitcases standing on the floor. When you have free space, the apartment not only looks better, but it can be cleaned faster.

Prevent clutter

Make a habit of putting things away and wiping your shoes before entering the house. It’s important to organize the space in your home so that every piece of equipment has its place. We should not store things that should be thrown away. This applies not only to such items as unnecessary documents or expired medications, but especially to worn out clothes, old books or damaged toys. In the kitchen, remember to use the hood, and it is best to switch from the old gas stove to induction at the renovation stage. In this case, cleaning will be much less tedious, because we will avoid greasy residue on the furniture

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