White kitchen – design ideas

White kitchen – design ideas
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White kitchen cabinets are synonymous with classics and timelessness in the arrangement of kitchen space. White never goes out of fashion and brightens up the room. What to combine it with?

Choosing kitchen furniture is a decision for many years. Once created, a kitchen will usually stay with us for decades. A safe, classic and elegant solution is to choose white fronts. White kitchen cabinets look beautiful in any version of surface finish: matte, semi-matte and high-gloss. Both plain doors and carved ones look very nice. How to choose the perfect countertop? What kind of arrangement will work with a white kitchen?

Absolute white

White harmonizes with white. Nothing stands in the way of matching white fronts also white countertop. This is a solution thanks to which we can change the arrangement of the kitchen in a relatively easy way. Selection of decorations, accessories and small appliances in fashionable colors will allow for quick and inexpensive change of decor room. This solution, however, requires regular and thorough cleaning of the kitchen. On a pristine white space any dirt will be very visible.

Deciding on white fronts and white countertops, it’s worth breaking up the color scheme of the room with flooring. Wooden motifs and delicate marble tile structure will work well. Grey flooring also works well with white. Choosing white tiles for a monochromatic kitchen can make the room look hospital-like and too austere.

White fronts and black worktop

White kitchen with black countertop is an elegant and modern combination. It works well in loft apartments. Black countertop contrasts well with the white fronts of cabinets. This combination will work much better with smooth fronts, without embellishments and visible handles. The combination of contrasting colors alone should attract attention and be the main decoration of the kitchen.

A room in which the countertop flows smoothly onto the wall towards the upper cabinets looks very good. Introducing an additional color on the wall or tiles can introduce visual chaos. Deciding on a black and white kitchen, it is worth thinking about matching it with black household appliances, contacts and accessories. Blackboard paint will also work great. Thanks to painting a part of the room with it, we will be able to leave chalk drawings and messages for the household members.

Wood and white – the perfect pair

Natural color of wood and white is a perfect combination. If you want to choose a worktop that won’t go out of style, you can blindly opt for wood. Real wood worktops require special care and are expensive. You cannot do without sanding and regular oiling of the surface. A cheaper alternative are countertops made of plastic, which look deceptively similar to wood.

Wooden countertops fit into any type of white kitchen. They work well both in a modern interior and in a rustic space. To finish the wall between the countertop and upper cabinets we can successfully use brick, white tiles or wall tiles in exotic shapes and colors. Moroccan clover and trendy multicolored tiles will work well.

Gray countertop in a white kitchen

Gray is a color that a few seasons ago took the interior fashion by storm. We willingly paint walls gray, buy upholstered furniture in its various shades. No wonder. It is a universal and elegant color. You can’t see dirt on it and it blends well with other colors.

Gray countertop is a safe solution for a white kitchen. It is not as bold and demanding as white and black countertops. You cannot see dirt on it. It is easy to maintain and very versatile. An interesting solution is gray marble countertops. They blend very nicely with white fronts, creating an expensive-looking kitchen whole.

Combination of colors

Modern kitchens are not afraid to combine colors. We can choose white bottoms and match them with wooden upper cabinets. An interesting combination is an L-shaped kitchen, where on one side we have a high built-in in wood, bottle green or black, and the other side is classic and white.

A white kitchen offers many design possibilities. A visual change of the room usually requires only a change of accessories. Sometimes it is enough to replace only the knobs in the cabinets to change the character of the kitchen to glamorous or rustic.

Main photo: Mark McCammon/Pexels

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