How to effectively clean heavily soiled windows?

How to effectively clean heavily soiled windows?
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Summer is the ideal time for a general cleaning of the apartment. In the cleaning plan can not miss washing windows. With what means to wash the windows? 

Available chemicals

The most popular way to wash windows is to use special window cleaners. In theory, they should not leave streaks on the glass and will help clean everything. In practice, not all agents effectively clean windows, so it is advisable to use only proven products.

It is also effective to use dishwashing liquid. It turns out that this agent effectively helps to thoroughly clean dirty window frames, seals or even blinds. After washing the windows with warm water and dishwashing liquid, you can wipe them with a dedicated shine preparation to get rid of any streaks.

Home preparations

Self-preparation of homemade chemicals is also very popular. These products are more ecological, efficient and, above all, cheap. There are many recipes for preparing such window cleaners, but most of them are based on the same products.

To create your own window cleaning liquid, you can use water, vinegar or lemon juice. Vinegar water can leave an unpleasant smell, but it should air out after several minutes. Most often paper towels and kitchen sponges are used for cleaning windows, but there are also microfiber cloths specially created for glass on the market. The material used in their production allows you to clean even the dirtiest glass with just clean water. However, be sure to clean the glass well wet first, and then use another cloth to wipe it dry.

Glass vacuum cleaner 

Another effective way to deal with dirty windows is to use specially designed equipment for this purpose. Popularly known as glass vacuum cleaners or window washers, the devices help to quickly and effectively clean even the dirtiest windows. Such equipment is not among the cheapest items of household equipment, but it serves for many years, and thanks to interchangeable tips can also be used when cleaning mirrors or bathroom tiles.

As standard, these types of machines come with an instruction manual, which includes information on what cleaning products are best to use with them. Before washing the glass, it is worth remembering that the window frames and seals should be cleaned without the machine, preferably with a sponge and water with dishwashing liquid. 

When to clean windows? 

Effective window cleaning also means choosing the right cleaning day. It’s a good idea to check the weather before you start cleaning, so that you don’t clean windows that will be flooded by heavy rain a few hours later. Experts also advise paying attention to the time of day so that the sun does not shine directly on the cleaned windows. The best time to clean windows is in the afternoon or early morning. When cleaning, it’s also a good idea to take care of thorough window maintenance, such as with hardware oil or a special liquid for cleaning gaskets on PVC windows.

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