Sofa for living room – what to look for when buying?

Sofa for living room – what to look for when buying?
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A sofa is a piece of furniture that should stand in every living room. We suggest what to pay attention to when buying a sofa, so that your purchase will not disappoint you quickly!

Sofa – functional and solid

To make sure that your sofa will serve you for many years and fulfill the functions you assign to it, you should pay attention to several elements.

The way of unfolding

Sofa unfolding mechanisms can be divided into four main types: sedak, cart, click-clack and DL. Sedak resembles the mechanism used in field beds. The cart mechanism involves extending the front of the sofa and then aligning the sleeping surface. The click-clack involves raising the seat and then pressing it against the backrest. In the DL mechanism, the seat must be extended and the backrest lowered.

The choice of the mechanism for unfolding the sofa is particularly important when the furniture is to be used for everyday sleeping. The best sofa for a living room with a sleeping function is the pull-out one, using the DL mechanism or a cart type system. Reserve the others rather for lounging or occasional sleeping.


Metal or wooden constructions are used to manufacture sofas. Metal structures are sturdy and long-lasting provided that their individual segments have been welded together rather than bolted together. The lifespan and price of a wooden construction depends on the species and quality of wood. The most expensive will be constructions made of oak, beech, walnut and ash wood. More affordable – from birch and coniferous trees.

Type of filling

The most durable and ecological filling is latex. Thanks to its high elasticity, it adapts to the user and instantly regains its original shape. It is used in the production of expensive, ergonomic furniture.

Pocket springs are also worth mentioning. Their presence not only guarantees comfort, but also extends the life and increases the durability of the sofa. Instead, beware of foam rubber, which is the cheapest, but also the least durable filling. High-density foam rubber will retain its shape for the longest time, but even this will “keep its cut” for four years at the most.

Living room sofa: modern and tasteful

A sofa for the living room should not only be durable and practical – it must also be a decoration of your home. The upholstery fabric and the shape of the piece of furniture play the first fiddle here.

Upholstery fabric

A sofa for the living room should be pleasant to the touch. Soft and smooth texture of the upholstery fabric will give the household members and guests of your home a high comfort of use. When buying, pay attention to jacquard, chenille and velour fabrics.

Jacquard is an extremely durable fabric. It does not discolor or rub off. Besides, it is elegant. Chenille has a pleasant, slightly similar to corduroy texture. The fabric is resistant and does not become creased. Velour is another durable and pleasant to the touch material. It is often accompanied by intricate weaves, which makes it a beautiful decoration for interiors in classic or glamour style.

Sofa shape

In addition to simple and corner sofas, manufacturers today have more sophisticated solutions to offer. Modular sofa is a piece of furniture for people who like to experiment. You can arrange the modular elements depending on your imagination or the need of the moment.

A modern solution is also a popular sofa with a chaise longue, on which you can stretch out comfortably, without depriving other household members of the opportunity to sit with a book or in front of the TV.

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