Procrastination – how to overcome it?

Procrastination – how to overcome it?
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Many people tend to put things off, or what is called procrastination. How to deal with it? We suggest!

Procrastination – what is it?

Despite our sincere desire, we are not always able to accomplish what we planned in time. The amount of various stimuli that we have to deal with every day makes us spend a lot of time on unnecessary things and we do not focus on what we should be doing at the moment. Procrastination means postponing things and tasks that do not bring immediate gratification and feelings of pleasure. It is often mistaken for laziness, which usually does not result in remorse. Procrastination, on the other hand, is a condition that is usually a source of great frustration and stress. According to research, up to 25% of the population may struggle with it. 25% of the population. Procrastination concerns not only personal life, but also work, school and interpersonal relations.

Procrastination – the causes

The causes of procrastination can be different. Sometimes it is the result of various fears, such as the fear of failure. A person who is afraid that his action will not bring the intended effect deliberately delays its implementation. Interestingly, the source of this attitude may also be the fear of success. In this case, some people postpone some tasks for fear that when they reach the desired goal, the bar will be set even higher. Sometimes it also affects perfectionists who fear that their work will not be perfect due to lack of time. Procrastination can also be traced back to childhood, when parents made excessive demands on their children that they were unable to meet.

What you have to do tomorrow, do today! – How to deal with procrastination

Procrastination can be combated, but it is a process that requires a lot of determination and consistency. It can be useful to make a list of tasks and to carry out each of them step by step. Remember to check off the tasks that have already been done, so you can see the results of your work. In the fight against procrastination, it is also important to prioritize and set deadlines. It can also be effective to use the method of rewards for visible progress in the implementation of tasks.

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