Bed for bedroom – which one to choose?

Bed for bedroom – which one to choose?
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A bed for a bedroom should be sturdy and match the interior design. Before you choose the perfect one, check out the beds available in the market and which one will be perfect for you.

Types of beds

Among the many models of beds, you can distinguish those that are made of wood, metal or have upholstery.

  1. Wooden beds – have a wooden frame and often have a wooden frame as well; you can also choose wooden beds with a metal frame, which will be much more durable. These beds are quite cheap and are often made partly of solid wood and partly of plywood, which also affects their lightness, they have the advantage that they are easy to clean and do not take up much space; it is possible to choose a wooden bed with a carved headboard, which fits perfectly into rustic and classic interiors;
  2. Metal beds – have metal construction, covered with colorful enamel; metal beds are quite light and very suitable for modern bedrooms and lofts, also young people like them, because they look quite modern; they are ideal for shabby chic interiors and romantic bedrooms, they often have a fine finish and are extremely durable;
  3. Upholstered beds – are suitable for those who appreciate comfort and cozy look of the bedroom, their big advantage is the fact that they have a soft headrest, which you can lean against; if the bed is to be used by a busy child, it’s better to choose upholstered version – during play and jumping there is less chance that the toddler will get a bump; many upholstered beds can be found with a linen container;
  4. Continental beds – this type of bed is an alternative to upholstered beds, where the mattress is placed below the frame; in a continental bed, the mattress is placed at the same level as the frame, in addition, under the mattress there are bonell springs, which perfectly adapt to the shape of the body, as well as insulating material, usually made of polyurethane foam, thanks to them you can have a great rest on the bed, because it perfectly insulates the mattress; continental beds can be fitted with a thin mattress topper, which is easy to clean, it is also much thinner than mattresses for beds with a hollow frame, so putting a sheet in such a bed is much less tiring; these beds also have a bedding box, opening at the sides or “in feet”, much easier to place an unused quilt or blankets inside.

For whom a wooden and metal bed?

Metal and wood bedroom beds are great for pet owners because there is less chance of your pet scratching or destroying this piece of furniture. It doesn’t have a fabric headboard, which would probably be badly perforated by your cat. It’s also ideal for allergy sufferers, as the bed frame can be easily cleaned with ordinary microfiber cloths soaked in soap and water.

Advantages of a continental bed

Continental beds are suitable for people who are looking for a bed frame with storage space for bedding. You can recline on them comfortably because most continental beds have upholstered headrests. They are a much better option for older people – they differ in height from metal or wooden frames, which are lower. With a higher bed, it is much easier to get up from it. In addition, for this type of bed, you buy only a lightweight topper mattress, which is easy to lift when changing bedding and wash.

What to pay attention to when choosing a bed?

  • frame – should be durable because it lifts our weight along with the mattress, for a double bed choose a metal frame, which is much more durable than the one made of plywood;
  • thetype of upholstery – this element is no less important, choose an upholstery that will be resistant to abrasion and moisture; you can also choose hypoallergenic fabric that does not attract dust and has small bristles that can be easily cleaned by yourself at home
  • theheight of the bed – if you have problems with your spine you should choose slightly higher beds; a bed for an adult should be at least 50 cm high, continental beds can be 60 to 70 cm high;
  • width of the bed – the most common are bedroom beds 160 x 200 and 140 x 200, the former will be ideal as a double bed, while upholstered or metal bedroom beds with a width of 140 cm are suitable for one person; it is worth to give up unnecessary furniture or a large dressing table in the bedroom for a wider and more comfortable bed.

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