Capacious refrigerator for the family – what to look for when buying?

Capacious refrigerator for the family – what to look for when buying?
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In times when all food products are available at hand and practically unlimited, the need to stock up seems completely pointless. However, there are times when a larger amount of food appears in the house, and then a large space in the refrigerator becomes essential

Fridge: one of the most important appliances in the house

The refrigerator is – from the perspective of housewives and others – one of the most important inventions throughout history. It makes storing perishables completely hassle-free. In addition, the refrigerator allows you to prepare more food, which can be used for several days, which definitely makes everyday life easier, especially with more people in the household. Nowadays, we cannot imagine the functioning of a house without a refrigerator. The climate is getting warmer and warmer and the quality of food products is getting worse. All of this combined means that without proper storage standards, we would waste even more food products than we already do. Having a refrigerator is therefore a necessity. How do we choose the right fridge that will meet our expectations?

Capacious refrigerator for the family: which one to choose?

Refrigerators offered in home appliance and electronics stores differ from each other in many respects. Customers most often pay attention to

  • capacity,
  • energy class,
  • the presence of a freezer,
  • internal layout,
  • additional accessories.

When deciding to buy a refrigerator for a family that has more than two members, it is necessary to consider how capacious the device we need. It is known that the more household members, the larger amounts of food and drinks will require storage in the refrigerator. Therefore, first of all, pay attention to this parameter when making your choice. Refrigerators vary in size and various functions. For instance, those without a freezer will have definitely more space for cooling products. However, not being able to freeze anything can prove troublesome in the long run. So it is better to opt for a unit that will have a freezer, however small

Here comes another question: how many products do we freeze? If you are planning to freeze seasonal fruit, vegetables, if you are a fan of ice-cream which you buy in large packs, and if from time to time you also happen to freeze a few portions of meat or an excess of dumplings or another dish, then you need to consider a fridge-freezer which will give you at least 100 litres of capacity within the freezer. It is known, however, that this will be at the expense of space in the refrigerator, unless you opt for a model with a height of 200 cm upwards. Such refrigerators offer a compromise between large refrigerator space and sufficient freezer capacity

If our family is large, plus we tend to stockpile food, then consider buying a side-by-side fridge-freezer. This is a two-door refrigerator. Usually behind the door on the left there is a full-length freezer, while on the right – a refrigerator. This type of solution gives us a much larger capacity in both sectors. In addition, fridges of this type are often equipped with an ice cube maker or a water dispenser, which is particularly convenient in summer, when everyone dreams of a glass of cool water. An important issue is that side-by-side refrigerators are much lower, but wider than traditional refrigerators. Therefore, their purchase should be carefully considered. If you are redecorating your kitchen, then there is no problem. If, however, you already have a built-in kitchen, then you have to reckon with the fact that the dimensions may interfere with your plans

The energy class is also important

When choosing a fridge for a large family, remember to check its energy class. The best choice among the currently available equipment will be that of class A+++. It guarantees the best parameters in terms of the amount of electricity consumed, which directly translates into the amount of our bills for electricity. In the case of large families, utility bills are high anyway, so there is no point in increasing them even more by buying inappropriate equipment.

photo: Alex Qian/Pexels

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