Postpartum – a special time in a woman’s life

Postpartum – a special time in a woman’s life
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Postpartum is a time of great and very mixed emotions. It is both a beautiful and a very difficult time that many women do not remember very well. On the one hand, you finally get to meet your little one you’ve been waiting for for nine months, on the other, the pain of childbirth is hard to bear, and breastfeeding precludes taking painkillers. How to live? We suggest how to make this special time as wonderful as it can be

Take care of your comfort and hygiene

Postpartum time is unfortunately associated with great discomfort. Childbirth, no matter whether natural or by caesarean section, is extremely exhausting for the body. Therefore, give yourself time to recover. The healing process will certainly be accelerated by proper hygiene, so absolutely do not use any other products than those recommended by your doctor or midwife. Don’t make your own herbal rinses or cotton swabs, follow strictly the instructions you were given at the hospital. One thing that you will not be given in the hospital but will find very useful is a plastic bottle with a spout. You can use it to gently stream water over the areas that need it without painful hand rubbing

You may also experience bleeding for a few days after giving birth. If you want to save yourself from an awkward situation in front of guests or just don’t want to ruin your favorite bedding, stock up on sanitary pads or diapers, which you can buy at

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Healthy eating is essential

Food is a basic need in life for everyone, including your baby. Your baby eats what you eat, because milk is made from the blood into which the nutrients from the meals you eat during the day flow. During the postpartum period, good nutrition also helps with wound healing and recovery. Healthy food allows you to recover more quickly after giving birth and allows your baby to gain weight healthily and quickly. Choose organically grown vegetables and fruits, and avoid meat from discount grocery stores because it is full of unhealthy antibiotics, hormones and other substances that are used to speed up the growth of farm animals. Rather, choose meat, dairy and eggs from local farmers who produce healthy food on a small scale. Then it will be safe for both you and the little one

You can also start taking nutritional supplements, which you can find at However, make sure that they are safe for breastfeeding women. Some of the substances in dietary supplements can be harmful to your baby. So don’t start supplements on your own, always consult your doctor before starting any treatment

Enjoy time with your baby

Remember that your baby will never again be as tiny as in the first weeks after birth. This is a time of rapid growth, with your baby gaining weight and literally growing before your eyes. During the postpartum period, both you and your baby need a lot of closeness, cuddling and interaction, because this is the period when the first relationship between child and mother is formed. Postpartum is the most special, yet very bittersweet time of your life. Whatever it may be for you, you have to admit that it is a unique time. Make the most of it and create wonderful memories for yourself during the postpartum period.

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