Layette for a newborn baby – what should it contain?

Layette for a newborn baby – what should it contain?
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When our longed-for baby comes into the world, a lot changes in everyday life. Before the birth of the child we prepare for this important moment, also by completing the layette. Let’s check which products will be necessary for us and which of them we can resign from.

Clothes for the baby

Clothes for a newborn will be indispensable in the layette. However, it is not worth buying too many of them. A baby grows quickly out of size 56, and some children are even too big for rompers or romper suits in this size. The most important thing is to choose those clothes which will suit the child for the next month. The prevailing weather outside the window should be taken into consideration. Buying e.g. winter rompers in the middle of summer does not make any sense as the child will grow out of them very quickly. In the case of newborn clothes two things are very important: the type of material used for their production and the type of fastening. Avoid newborn clothes which will be full of decorative appliqués, frills or sewn-on buttons

Instead, simple clothes, which can be washed at higher temperatures, will work. Many baby stores offer baby clothes made of organic cotton. They can be washed at up to 90 degrees, are non-allergenic and ensure that the baby’s delicate skin is not exposed to irritation. It is best to choose clothes that are not dyed in strong colors. The fewer chemical dyes used to dye clothes, the better. Some of them, unfortunately, can irritate the delicate skin of a baby, so they should not be used. Before putting on your baby’s romper bags or rompers, wash them at least 60 degrees and use a mild detergent. As far as fasteners are concerned, shoulder fasteners work well, as do full-length fasteners that make your baby feel more comfortable. The diaper takes up a lot of space and you should make sure that it is not too tight.

In the layette for a newborn you should certainly find about 6 bodysuits, with short and long sleeves, about 3 pairs of rompers, a few sleeveless shirts, 3 or 4 pairs of socks, as well as two warm blouses and a few long-sleeved kaftans. If your baby is born in winter, a winter overalls and a hat and gloves will also come in handy.

The crib

A very important element is the crib. For the first days of life it is worth choosing an extra bed for the parents, because the baby needs frequent feeding, and constant getting up to the baby’s bed being in another room can be tiring for the mother. A Moses basket will also work well, as it can be taken along on trips and takes up very little space. At a later stage of your child’s life it is worth investing in a crib, which can serve your child even until it is two years old. To save space it’s worth choosing a crib with an extension, on which you can change the baby. Thanks to it we will gain a lot of valuable space.

Baby care

In the first days of life, the baby will also need several care products. Essential are creams for sores, and the most recommended of them is Sudocrem. Regardless of the company you choose, it should be certified on the label of the National Institute of Hygiene or the Institute of Mother and Child or Child Health Center. The simpler the composition of the cosmetic, the better. Olive oil is also very useful, but also a body wash, preferably acting as an emollient. Thanks to it the child’s skin will be properly supported and moisturized

Sterile swabs for washing eyes and ears are also very useful. Saline is recommended for the eyes and nose, which can be bought at a pharmacy. To prevent chafing, cosmetics such as baby powder and talcum powder are very useful. The baby does not need to be washed every day, as this can disrupt the formation of new skin cells and reduce the natural protective barrier of the skin. Moisturizing baby wipes are enough to maintain hygiene, and they also come in handy during walks.

Additional accessories

A suitably shaped bathtub will also be necessary for the baby, as well as a water thermometer and washing powder for baby clothes. Many parents also forget to buy a tetrowej diaper. Nowadays they are no longer used, but they are indispensable e.g. for wiping the baby’s face or putting it under the back when we want to change the baby e.g. in a baby carriage or in a public toilet. This way we maintain hygiene. In many homes rocking chairs, which quickly soothe the child and allow it to sleep peacefully, have proven their worth. Many companies create them to save space, so they can be successfully expanded later as a feeding chair. The chair grows with your baby, which reduces your expenses and gives you more space for your growing child.

Toys which are supposed to develop your baby’s motor skills, but in fact only clutter up your home, may prove unnecessary. It is worth investing in a good quality educational mat, which can be used both by an infant and a one-year-old child

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