How to filter water at home?

How to filter water at home?
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Climate catastrophe, air and water pollution are extremely serious problems of the 21st century. Fortunately, the eco-consciousness of society is growing year by year. The production of plastic in the form of plastic bottles is one of the many reasons why the Earth is in such a dire state. We, as humans, can try to prevent further climate change by changing our lifestyles. One very simple way to significantly reduce the amount of plastic we use is to drink filtered water rather than bottled water. See how to filter water at home.

Filter jugs for tap water

The most popular way to filter tap water, is to purchase a water pitcher with a filter. The filter in the pitcher treats the tap water and makes it completely safe to drink. Although tap water in most Polish cities is safe to drink, but the pipes, through which the water is delivered to our homes can provide water with many harmful substances, which are not required to be tested by SANEPiD

Most popular water filtering jugs are equipped with carbon filters, in which water is purified by activated carbon. The carbon filter can additionally have an antimicrobial effect, if it has admixtures of copper and zinc alloys or silver. Carbon neutralizes harmful substances contained in water, removes unpleasant and irritating smell and taste of chlorine, because of which many people do not like tap water. Water from a pitcher looks and tastes exactly the same as bottled water, but choosing filtered water makes a huge difference in terms of the amount of waste we produce.

A filter pitcher not only saves plastic, but also money. A bottle of water, with a capacity of 1.5 liters, costs a little over a zloty. Taking into account that a person should drink at least two liters of water a day, one person spends on water in a bottle about three zlotys a day. Monthly it is the sum of 90 zloty, and annually it is more than a thousand zloty, which we spend on something that we can have almost for free. A pitcher to filter water is a one-time expense of about 40-50 PLN, and the filters can be bought in very favorable sets, where one filter, which is replaced every month costs from 5 to 7 PLN. Annually, for filtering water in a pitcher, we spend about 100 PLN. The difference is colossal.

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Filters to be installed on tap

Another, equally effective and financially attractive solution is to mount the filter on the kitchen tap. Buying a kitchen faucet with a filter or installing a filter on an already installed faucet is an expense of several hundred zlotys. Replacement filters cost a bit more, but they are replaced less often and last for many more liters of water. Many models of filters can be turned on and off, so you can use plain tap water to wash vegetables or dishes, and save filtered water only for drinking. This possibility allows for much less frequent filter replacement

Ecology is an extremely important aspect of everyone’s life. The future of our children and grandchildren depends on what we do during our lives. Disregarding the topic of ecology may shorten the life of the next generations even by a dozen or so years due to drought, air pollution and significant climate warming. It is worth considering that we have a real influence on the kind of world the next generations will grow up in. Reducing the production and consumption of plastic can change the future fate of the world. This is why choosing a filter pitcher should be obvious to us. Our homes, our wallets, and the environment all benefit.

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