Wall color for the bedroom – which one to choose?

Wall color for the bedroom – which one to choose?
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The bedroom is a place where comfort and a relaxing atmosphere are important. In the bedroom you relax, so the color you surround yourself with should be conducive to this. What is the best shade to introduce into the bedroom?

In choosing a wall color for the bedroom, it is helpful to know how colors affect the human nervous system, what feelings and sensations they evoke. A skillfully chosen range of colors will help you sleep better, which will translate into better performance and mood during the day. 


The color of the heart chakra, associated with gentleness, love and maternal warmth. It relaxes the eyes, calms the nervous system, lowers blood pressure and reduces heart rate. The color green promotes relaxation and relaxation, with the best choice being soft natural shades of green: olive, marsh and green-gray. But beware: too much green can be overwhelming, so be sure to incorporate accessories in other shades into your bedroom.

Blue and blue

If you are worried that you might choose the wrong wall color for your bedroom, opt for blue or blue. They build an atmosphere of absolute calmness in the rooms, and also bring coolness and air into the interior. The color of sky and water has a positive effect on the psyche and suits interiors decorated in any style. Just keep in mind that a blue bedroom requires good lighting, so sky colors work best in rooms located in the south. By introducing white furniture into a blue bedroom, you will gain even more space and intensify the feeling of lightness and calmness.


Purple is a difficult color that requires great aesthetic sense. You should be especially careful with dark purple, which can have an overwhelming effect on some people. On the other hand, light shades will help you create a solemn, somewhat mystical atmosphere in the bedroom, and when combined with white – optically enlarge its size.


Widely considered the color of purity, innocence and infinity, white shimmers in many shades and has a refreshing effect on the nervous system. The color white also helps to optically enlarge the interior, bring life and lightness to it. However, white is worth introducing into a bedroom with small dimensions. And it is worth considering what shade of white you want to use. After all, white can be cool or warm. The first option will be ideal for bedrooms with south-facing windows, the second – with windows on the north side.

Brown and beige

Natural shades of brown, including beige and sand, allow you to create a calm atmosphere. Light shades of beige harmonize with any color and can be a good background for both white and dark brown furniture. Earthy shades of brown give a sense of security and calm. However, shades that are too dark can have an overwhelming effect, so make sure to use light accents in the bedroom if you choose to do so. An excellent choice for any bedroom is beige. This is a color that will give you a feeling of coziness and calmness. Complemented with gray or yellow, it will make the interior classy and refined. Tastefully and elegantly look against the background of beige furniture made of wenge wood with a charming, very dark color close to ebony.

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