What to decorate your home with for a birthday party?

What to decorate your home with for a birthday party?
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Birthdays need to be celebrated properly. It does not matter whether the birthday boy is an adult or a child. Birthday decorations cannot be omitted on this occasion. How to decorate the house to distinguish the birthday person during the party? You will find tips in the material below.

Adult birthday party: find a theme

It does not take much to effectively spice up the house on the occasion of the birthday of an adult. A few balloons, good music and a lavishly set table are enough to have a good time. Guaranteed unforgettable fun will provide properly selected accessories and decorations. So how to decorate your home?

It is simple: you need to find a theme, which will hit the fancy of the birthday boy. For example, a die-hard soccer fan will appreciate the soccer theme and the idea to have all the guests come to the party wearing jerseys with numbers on them. On the other hand, the “Star Wars” fan will like the idea of transforming the apartment into a spaceship for the time of the party. If the birthday boy is a fan of Stanislaw Lem, you can decorate the house in industrial fashion: borrow some furniture with the appearance of brushed aluminum, take care of lighting imitating laser radiation, bet on electronic sounds and so on.

If you want to change the color of the walls, you don’t have to waste money and time on repainting them right away. All you need to do is to line them with properly selected wallpaper. You can also rent projection screens to mask the walls and set the mood or hang memorable photos on the walls. The more personalized your decorations, the better! By the way, you will let your loved one know how well you know him or her and that you know what gives him or her the most pleasure.

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A child’s birthday: Fun and treats!

There’s nothing easier than decorating your home for your child’s birthday. During the party, all the kids can think about is fun and treats. Buy a good number of balloons in different colors, inflate them and stick them all over the house, don’t forget the front door and the hallway. Balloon decorations will create a mood of fun. Children love them. If possible, inflate balloons with helium to make them float in the air, or hang them from the ceiling. Inflate or deflate them at the last minute so that they don’t lose volume when the little guests knock on the door. When the party is over, each child will be able to take one balloon with them.

A child’s birthday party must sparkle with colors, so don’t forget about garlands. You can buy them in the store, but it will be much more fun to make them with the help of your child. Garlands are best made of crepe paper. Hang them on the walls, over doors or create something like the roof of a circus tent: attach strands of crepe paper in the middle of the ceiling and lead them to the ends of the room where the party will be held.

Children get bored quickly, so think about arranging play areas. Some will prefer social games at home, others – stacking a tower of blocks, and others again playing on “inflatables” outside. Provide enough snacks, drinks, and treats for the little guests so they can eat and drink to their heart’s content. Don’t forget that the birthday cake is also part of the decoration. For a child, there is nothing more magical than a cake in the likeness of his hero. Generalizing, a girl will probably like a cake in the shape of a princess, and a boy a cake in the shape of a superhero. Of course, be guided by what your child loves. After all, you are the one who knows them best.

If your budget can withstand it and you have the conditions for it, you can spice up the decorations with light plays and fireworks. You can also make calls to professionals, such as clowns, who usually come with their own decorations and fun ideas. This will save you the work of assembling and dismantling the installation. Measure your intentions according to your strengths.

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch/Pexels

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