Want to enroll your child in ballet classes? Find out why you should do it!

Want to enroll your child in ballet classes? Find out why you should do it!
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Does your child like music and is very energetic? Think about enrolling him in dance classes. In particular, we recommend ballet. Find out the benefits of ballet training.

Ballet classes for children – from what age?

Many girls dream of becoming a ballerina. Beautiful tulle skirts, dancing, music – a combination perfect for a girl who likes spectacular activities. Although ballet classes are mainly attended by girls, it is also the dream of many boys. Ballet has an excellent effect on the development of a child regardless of gender, so we recommend it to any toddler who feels like trying his hand at this dance.

The adventure with ballet can start even three-year-old children, but some dance schools run groups only for those a little older (from 4 years). That’s why it’s worth getting acquainted with the offer of local dance schools and comparing it from this angle as well.

Why is it worth enrolling a child in ballet?

Parents whose children attend ballet classes notice many positive changes in their child’s behavior and attitude. The changes, of course, are not visible after the first class, but regular attendance brings many positive changes.

First of all, the child’s coordination and motor memory improve. At first, children learn very short dance combinations, which are lengthened over time. It is worth knowing that a well-developed motor memory supports the processes of learning and remembering information.

Learning ballet has a positive effect on posture, and even helps correct some postural defects (for example, it strengthens the midfoot, and therefore helps treat flat feet). During ballet classes, children learn to keep their backs straight and shoulders down. This posture strengthens the abdominal muscles. A child who trains ballet is also more limber. The change in posture is visible to the naked eye.

Ballet also teaches concentration, patience and self-discipline. In order for a child to perform an exercise correctly, he or she must repeat it often many times. This can be a bit frustrating for some children, but most subconsciously draw the conclusion that work brings results, so in order to achieve something, you have to put in some effort.

It is also worth noting that ballet shapes a child’s sensitivity. Ballet is not only exercises, it is a whole culture of dance, a performance. Identical ballet costumes develop a sense of aesthetics. Music, fluid movements, rendering emotions through dance, self-expression and storytelling – a ballet performance is only seemingly peaceful. Sensitive people can experience a whole range of emotions during it. Ballet classes gradually introduce toddlers to the culture of dance and develop their sensitivity.

How to get a toddler interested in ballet?

Wondering how to get a child interested in ballet? The answer is simple. Show him this type of dance, watch ballet together (live, on the Internet), go to the open doors of the dance school. Introduce your child to the world of ballet, but don’t force him to attend classes. Let him decide for himself whether he would like to start ballet training. A child should learn ballet of his own free will, not just because his parents dream of it.

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