What to buy for your child’s one year anniversary?

What to buy for your child’s one year anniversary?
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Purchasing a gift for a toddler’s first birthday can be quite a challenge. When choosing a gift, the most important thing is safety. It is worth ensuring that the toy meets all standards, has the necessary approvals and supports the development of the child. We present a short list of gift inspirations for the baby’s birthday.

Rocking horse

The rocking horse has already become a cult gift – it invariably gives children a lot of joy and allows them to discharge excess energy. Moreover, during rocking toddlers exercise their sense of balance and concentration. Swinging on the horse has a calming effect, it can also replace going to the playground on a rainy day. When buying a rocking horse, pay attention to choose a stable model – preferably with a contoured seat and safety in the form of a protective barrier. For a small child, a plush rocking horse mounted on wooden legs will be a good choice.

Photo cards

If you are looking for an original gift for the first birthday, choose a set of photo cards. Photography allows you to capture the fleeting moments, and thanks to the binding in the form of cards with captions, parents will have no problem remembering the important moments in their child’s life. Choose the set “My First Year” and personalize it according to your needs. The cards feature a variety of texts, including: Welcome to the world, First bath, First walk, I’m one week old, I have my first tooth, I’m already raising my head, My first smile, My first night asleep, I’m already crawling, My Daddy is a Superhero, I love Mommy or We’re going on vacation

Under each text there is a space to write the date of the event described. Completed photo cards for the first year combined with photos will be an amazing souvenir for the whole family. The child will surely appreciate it when he or she grows up. What is important, the cards have rounded corners so that they are safe to use.


Colorful blocks in various shapes is a toy that both children and adults love. Stacking blocks supports the development of motor skills and logical thinking, creativity, as well as spatial imagination of the toddler. It is not enough that building blocks amuse, but at the same time they teach, that is why it is worth buying them for children from the youngest age. For a one year old a good gift will be colorful blocks of the sorter type, a model in the form of a puzzle, dominoes or educational mosaics. You can also decide to buy ecological building blocks made of bio-plastic, the child’s parents will certainly appreciate this gesture Store with blocksif you are planning to buy toys from a toy store, you should focus on the quality of the goods. It is important that toys are manufactured in accordance with safety standards and have CE certification. Toys made of toxic substances may harm a small child. Sharp edges of blocks or too small size of elements may also pose a threat

Educational toys

Education in the form of play is the most assimilable and enjoyable for children. If you don’t have an idea for a toy, you can always buy your toddler an interactive book or a set of contrasting cards. Colorful charts can be helpful in practicing lifting the head, training the child’s eyesight, and also serve as room decoration. When the child grows up, he or she will be able to learn multiplication tables, vocabulary and spelling from similar cards designed for older children

It is a good form of learning that engages imagination and strengthens memory. Due to the small size of the cards it is perfect for travelling. Check out the wide range of educational games available at this address: karty.edu.pl

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