Symptoms of pregnancy – how to recognize it?

Symptoms of pregnancy – how to recognize it?
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Women who are trying for a baby often don’t know what the symptoms of pregnancy are. Before they take a pregnancy test, they are not quite sure if fertilization has actually occurred. Gynecologists point to obvious signs of pregnancy that appear in most of the ladies. However, it should be remembered that the feelings of each of them are subjective and do not always coincide with the book symptoms. In this article, you will learn the signs of pregnancy in the first week. However, remember to visit your gynecologist for an ultrasound despite the knowledge you have gained.

Pregnancy symptoms in the first week

As you may remember from your biology class, fertilization occurs when an egg cell unites with a sperm. If you are pregnant during the first week of pregnancy, you will be pregnant during the first week of pregnancy. After ovulation you can also become pregnant, because the sperm survives in the female reproductive tract for up to several dozen hours

The first symptoms of conception are soreness and tenderness of the breasts, irritability, a decrease in mood, nausea, usually in the morning, an increase in body temperature that is not associated with any illness, swelling of the cervix (which can be determined by a doctor during an examination), as well as bloating and constipation. Some women feel very well and do not realize for a long time that they are pregnant. At first, your breasts may be tender and you may even feel pain when you touch them. The enlargement of the mammary gland does not occur until the second month of pregnancy, so you may not notice their larger size right away. One of the symptoms of pregnancy is sudden weakness, a change in mood due to fluctuations in hormones. Many women also suffer from lack of appetite in the early months of pregnancy, caused by constant nausea and vomiting. If vomiting is very bothersome and does not allow you to function normally, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist for antiemetics. If you vomit for a long time, it can lead to dehydration, which is dangerous for you and your baby, and even to unconsciousness or tetany attacks. While pregnant, you may also react much more to certain smells. Some of them will become more annoying

If you are trying to have a baby, it is a good idea to visit your gynecologist a little more often or take pregnancy tests, which will detect your blessed state even in the first week.

A sign that you are pregnant is the absence of menstruation. In some ladies, the absence of menstruation does not always mean a blessed state. It can also be associated with stress, undetected endometriosis, myomas in the uterus, cysts on the ovaries or too much exercise. If you experience menstrual irregularities quite often, it is worth checking with your gynecologist who will choose the right hormone therapy or treatment for you. Lack of menstruation does not have to be a symptom of pregnancy, although often such a symptom occurs first.

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Pregnancy symptoms – how long before they appear?

Pregnancy does not initially give any symptoms and it is very rare for women to feel nauseous or dizzy the day after conception. The first symptoms appear when your period is due. This is also when you can take a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test taken more than 10 days after conception often gives a false negative result

Sometimes the symptoms of pregnancy get worse after the first month or are not felt as much. Much depends on whether or not this is your first pregnancy. Women go through this amazing condition very individually, so don’t be negative. It can be a wonderful time, as long as you take care of your peace and relaxation

If you have any doubts, try to take a pregnancy test after the date of your expected period. You should also visit a gynecologist, who will determine whether your suspicions are correct with the help of an ultrasound

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