Planning a camping trip? Check out what you should take with you

Planning a camping trip? Check out what you should take with you
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Vacationing in nature is a great idea for a cheap vacation trip that will leave you with a mass of beautiful memories. One such way to relax on a budget is camping. How to organize such a trip and what to take with you? We suggest!

A place to sleep

Yes, you can go camping under a cabin in the woods, but what fun is that? A real camping trip takes place in a tent. So you need to bring a decent tent and a rubber mallet to pound the herrings into the dry, compacted earth. As well as a tent, you’ll need something to sleep on and in, so pack a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad because even if the days are hot, the nights can be chilly. In fact, you don’t even need a sleeping bag, a thick blanket will do. If you are going to spend the night in a tent, you will also need a flashlight in the evenings, so don’t forget to put it in your backpack!

Protection from insects

When camping, unfortunately, you have to accept that there will be plenty of summer or field insects around you. Mosquito or fly bites are very annoying and can really spoil an evening by the campfire. Also, dangerous ticks can end your camping fun prematurely, so be sure to bring bug spray with you.

Dry provisions

Dry provisions are a must when camping. Meatloaf, tinned food, tripod mince and rusks are the staples of every camping person’s diet. Of course, any meat, such as sausage for a campfire, must be bought fresh from the nearest store, because a travel refrigerator cannot keep cold long enough for cold meats to remain fresh. On long camping trips, don’t take bread with you either, as it can go mouldy quickly; instead, opt for crispbread, which stays fresh for a very long time.

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Holidays in the nature can be associated with a large and frequent exposure to the sun. Especially if you are camping by the water and spend most of the day in the lake or on the beach, a sunscreen with SPF 50 is an absolute must have. The sun’s rays and tanning accelerate the skin’s aging process and cause serious diseases like skin cancer, among others. Using sunscreen is a must when vacationing outdoors in the sunshine

Garbage bags

This item may seem absurd to you, but most of the pollution and litter in forests and green spaces comes from people camping. Do not, under any circumstances, leave trash in the area where your camp was located. Littering nature is a huge source of shame. Bring enough bags with you so that you can separate your trash and dispose of it in the designated trash cans when you return

Travel stove and gas bottle

If you’re going on a long camping trip and you like your meals hot, bring a travel gas stove and a gas bottle. This will make scrambled eggs for breakfast or hot soup for dinner possible. Remember that sooner or later you will need a heat source if you are going away for more than just a weekend.

Going on vacation to scenic locations to pioneer a few days of camping can be a lot of fun. If you need a change in your life and some offline time, a nature vacation will be a hit and a great break from everyday life. You don’t have to know how to pitch a tent or light a fire to have a great time on a camping trip.

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