Diet for pregnant women

Diet for pregnant women
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Pregnancy is a special time because we want it to go well. It is essential to review what we ate before pregnancy. Diet during pregnancy is also very important. Check what you should follow.

Diet of future moms

A balanced diet is very important, which will be able to cover the need for minerals. Every day you should not miss dairy products in your diet, as well as fish and meat. Vegetable fats such as rapeseed oil and olive oil are very important. Omega-3 fatty acids greatly improve brain function. Thanks to them, the nervous system is protected, which has a positive effect on the development of the fetus. Hydration is very important. Drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day has a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis and the muscular system. Pregnant women may experience constipation, so drinking plenty of water is important. Green and red teas are also good to drink.

Folic acid is also essential. It should also be taken in supplements. Folic acid can be found in chickpeas, spinach, white beans, parsley and chicken eggs. Folic acid is very important for the development of the fetus, especially the nervous system. Folic acid has a positive effect on cell growth and function. It also has a beneficial effect on the child’s development, including its weight. It reduces the risk of anemia and the regulation and maturation of red cells. Thanks to its action, it can synthesize the hormone of happiness – serotonin. It has a calming effect and can counteract the onset of depression. It also stimulates the liver and the stomach and intestines.

Mayo Clinic – The best foods to put in your body for baby

Zinc, calcium and vitamin D are also among the ingredients that are essential for good health. The latter has a very positive effect on our mood. Thanks to it we can feel much better and counteract depression. Many pregnant women are at risk of anemia, as well as improper functioning of the nervous system. To be able to improve its functioning, it is important to consume ingredients such as niacin, folate, as well as B vitamins. Phosphorus and selenium also have a positive effect on pregnancy and can significantly improve mood and strengthen the body. Selenium also has a positive effect on the skin, which after major hormonal changes can have problems with excessive dryness or the appearance of skin eruptions.

Equally important microelements are contained in plants, mainly broccoli, but also kale, green salad, fruits such as apples. Legumes have macronutrients, as well as protein, which the body needs. To ensure that your diet is full of vitamins and good for your unborn baby, you should also make sure to eat plenty of fruit. Fructose is absorbed into the body much faster and is healthier than sucrose. If we have a craving for something sweet, it is worth choosing a fruit instead of another cake.

Pregnant women’s diet and calories

In the first trimester it is worth starting folic acid supplementation. It will also be very helpful to take special vitamins for pregnant women. However, many women wrongly increase the number of calories in their diet. At the beginning of pregnancy, you do not need to eat more than you did before pregnancy. In the second trimester, calories increase by 360 kcal, and in the last trimester by 475 kcal. Unfortunately, in many cases these are not healthy products recommended by doctors

The diet can be enriched with calories at the beginning, and in subsequent phases of pregnancy it is very advisable, but they must be wholesome products. It is necessary to eat cereals, but also fruit and vegetables. So-called eating for two can only lead us to heaviness, indigestion and many extra kilograms. An extra portion of wholesome fruit and vegetables with each meal is enough to feel better and have energy. In case of strong cravings, we can choose healthier products that can replace fast food, for example. Baked potatoes with spices instead of French fries or dark chocolate instead of fatty and very caloric ice cream

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