Causes and symptoms of sinus diseases

Causes and symptoms of sinus diseases
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Autumn is a period when it is very easy to catch cold. Disease-causing bacteria and viruses literally fly through the air, and the weather outside the window is conducive to weakened immunity. During this time, many people experience a runny nose, sore throat and general cold symptoms. How can you tell the difference between a simple fall infection and a serious illness? Learn the symptoms and causes of sinus disease

Symptoms by which you will recognize sinus problems

The primary and most common symptom of sinus disease is a runny nose. It appears in the early stages of many infections and is usually ignored. However, it can be a symptom of developing sinusitis. How to distinguish a runny nose leading to more serious problems from a common cold? A standard autumn infection lasts only a few days, its symptoms weaken and subside day by day and you feel better and better. If after five days you don’t feel any improvement, and the runny nose, headache, and fever get worse, you may suspect a problem in your sinuses. An additional symptom, which proves that it is not a cold, is a headache in the forehead, eyes, temples, cheekbones and root of the nose. A “heavy head” feeling is also characteristic, as well as the sensation of an elevated temperature even if it is at a normal level. You may also experience a weakened sense of smell and nasal congestion

Who is more susceptible to sinus disease?

In addition to causes such as weakened immunity or prolonged infection and runny nose, people who suffer from sinusitis are more likely to suffer from:

  • curvature of the nasal septum,
  • hypertrophied or abnormal nasal conchae,
  • swelling of the nasal cavity,
  • polyps,
  • narrowing of the sinus cavities,
  • dental diseases, such as caries (dental diseases spread to the sinuses)

Treatment of sinus diseases

The basic step in treating sinus disease is to stop the runny nose and unclog the nose. This is to make you feel better, stop the infection from developing and spreading to your throat and airways. The runny nose running down the back wall of the throat irritates the throat and causes inflammation that leads to further respiratory diseases. Nasal drops or mucosal decongestant tablets are usually used to stop a runny nose. You can find products of this kind e.g. at

Home remedies for a runny nose

If you notice a runny nose, feel the difficulty in breathing through your nose and feel that you have the first symptoms of a cold, you can act on natural ways to stop the development of the disease. First of all, take care of your immunity – include in your diet products that contain a lot of vitamin C: red peppers, onions, garlic, citrus fruits, black currants, pickles, etc. Elderberry syrup can also help. Honey and warming roots will also help in the fight against the cold. Golden milk with ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and honey is effective in boosting immunity. Basil tea (which can be an ordinary spice poured in boiling water), herbal inhalation of mint, marjoram, basil and chamomile will also fight a runny nose, and spicy food, horseradish or hot bell pepper will unblock a blocked nose

During autumn and winter take care of your health and immunity, because prevention is better than cure. Sinus diseases can have serious consequences, so if you feel symptoms, go to the doctor. Also support yourself with natural medicine to make the treatment more effective

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