How to nurture intimacy in a relationship?

How to nurture intimacy in a relationship?
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A relationship requires work on many levels. Together with your partner, you should communicate your needs and be able to express your emotions, which translates into building closeness.

Maintaining closeness with your partner is extremely important. It is not only about the carnal zone. It is also important to build spiritual intimacy, based on trust and mutual respect. If you care about creating a solid relationship, remember to constantly take care of your and your partner’s well-being. By keeping a few important principles in mind, you will build a deep, intimate relationship.

The intimate zone

There is no doubt that for many couples sex life is a very important part of the relationship. Over time, the first passions can fade, which is not unusual. If you have been with your partner for a few years and you want to keep the intimate area of your relationship at a high level, you might want to talk about making things more interesting. You may find it useful to use various erotic accessories, which will bring some joy to the monotonous intercourse. You can find examples at

The closeness between partners builds also the knowledge of their bodies. So it’s worth checking which parts of them are most sensitive to caresses. You can test new positions, which can bring you even more pleasure and thus bring you closer to each other. You can also use sensual vibrators, which are becoming increasingly popular among couples. You can check out modern models at

Another idea might be to buy new lingerie, which will make you feel even more feminine and confident.

Remember to find time for each other, which does not always have to include intimate close-ups. Sometimes it’s more important to just cuddle and be with each other in a quiet atmosphere that allows you to enjoy your partner’s presence.

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Relaxation for two

Closeness is also built by relaxing together. You can give yourselves a massage in the evening after taking a bath. You can find special oils for this at If you share the same hobby, spend your free days doing it. Walking, cycling, watching movies – all this can bring you closer together and also be an opportunity to exchange thoughts, views and emotions. Weekend or longer trips to neutral places, which will allow you to get away from everyday matters, will also help to build closeness.


A solid relationship is based on trust, which in turn creates a sense of security. Your partner needs to know that they can count on you and you are serious about them. Therefore, if you have been together for a long time, talk about what will give you stability as a couple. This could be moving in together, getting engaged or even getting married. For many people, such events are an important step towards creating an even deeper relationship.

Small gestures

Romance in a relationship is not just about remembering an anniversary or the birthday of a loved one. Celebrate each day with small gifts or kind gestures. Breakfast in bed, a romantic dinner, or going to the cinema to see a film that your partner wants to see – these simple activities can bring a lot of joy and show that you think about your beloved not only on holidays.

The most important elements in building a close relationship are sharing experiences, having shared memories, and creating a relationship based on efficient and sincere communication. Although time spent together can bring you closer together, it’s important to remember to work together every day to ensure that the sense of intimacy in your relationship is not lost.

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