Positive discipline – how to encourage your child?

Positive discipline – how to encourage your child?
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The punishment and reward method is an increasingly rare model of parenting. Nowadays, psychologists encourage the use of the positive discipline method, which is supposed to better influence the child’s mood and motivation

The methods contained in the method of positive discipline are based on creating a close relationship with the child, in which his/her emotions and feelings will be listened to and understood by the parents. Instead of punishments or words of praise, the child should be encouraged to act in order to develop an inner motivation to take on new challenges. The role of parents in this matter is very important, so it is worth using the knowledge of professional experts.

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You will be able to find out what the Positive Discipline Method is about, how to apply it in everyday life, and what effects you can expect from it during a free online meeting on 17 March at 18:00. The event is organized by CNSR and will be held in the form of a live broadcast on the Facebook profile of the organization. The conversation will be led by a professional psychologist and psychotherapist. Looking for inspiration on the popular parenting model is also worth checking out the profile of “Positive Discipline”, which deals with promoting and raising awareness of the effectiveness of the method.

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