Bicycle tour – what is worth remembering?

Bicycle tour – what is worth remembering?
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A bicycle tour is a great idea for active leisure. Sometimes it can be an alternative to traditional travel by car or train and be a great adventure. It is worth to plan it well, so that we can remember it fondly

How to plan a bicycle trip?

When planning a bicycle trip it is worth to check the itinerary beforehand. It is advisable to plan your cycling trip in advance and check the itinerary. The route you can cover daily without getting too tired is about 20 km. You should also plan stops for resting and meals. You should choose such routes, which will be suitable for your condition and will include bicycle trails. Continuous cycling through crowded city streets may be bad for you. Let’s check in advance if the chosen route has safe bicycle paths, especially if we want to travel with children

Where to stop?

Stopovers will be also necessary and it is worth to plan them in interesting places where we will be able to sightsee. It will be much more pleasant to travel along scenic routes. Such a trip will certainly be remembered by us. Meal stops do not have to take place in crowded restaurants. It is enough to have dry provisions and a blanket with which we can make a stop in the nature. In the vicinity of camping sites you will certainly find plenty of space, benches and tables, where you can eat and rest in peace before the next route. It would also be good if it was diversified in terms of difficulty. Let’s adjust it to our skills and fitness

If your cycling trip is going to last more than a day, it is worth to check the accommodation place where we will store our bikes. It is best if it is located no further than 20 km from the starting point. Book your accommodation in advance and check if the hotel or hostel can store your bikes. The safest option will be to choose a camping site or cottages that offer storage for sports equipment, including bikes. This way they will be safe and will not get wet in case of unfavorable weather.

Equipment – what should you take?

During cycling trips we must not forget about appropriate equipment, which will ensure our safety. It should include, first of all, a helmet and appropriate lighting. It must be visible from a considerable distance and be placed both on front and on the back of a bicycle. Reflective vests will also be useful at night. You should also have a backpack with useful accessories. If we are going for a longer trip, we should get an additional rack at the back, e.g. for clothes, blanket or provisions

Long routes require us to be better prepared. Certainly you will need a place for hygiene products, as well as water or isotonic drinks. On such trips you can bet on quick snacks and energy bars with protein, which can be found, among others, in sports stores and stores with organic food. Many cyclists appreciate backpacks with a refillable water container. This allows you to drink while riding without having to get off the bike. Instead of a backpack of this type, you can also choose a convenient bottle.

You should also have a small kidney bag in your equipment, which is very practical while cycling. Bicycle touring is often combined with an overnight stay, so it is important to have your own blanket, change of clothes or tent, depending on where you plan to spend the night before continuing your journey.

Check the technical condition of your bike!

The most important thing is to check the technical condition of your bike, including inflation of the tires, condition of brakes and derailleurs. This will be done at a bicycle repair shop. You can also change the saddle to a more comfortable one for you.

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