How to decorate clothes?

How to decorate clothes?
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Upcycling old clothes by creatively decorating and repurposing them is a great way to develop manual skills, de-stress, and add unique and customized pieces to your closet. Read how you can decorate your clothes.

Decorative embroidery, ribbons and buttons

Once you’ve mastered the basic functions of your sewing machine, you can take your old clothes for a makeover or choose a ready-made DIY kit. An increasingly popular decorating method is embroidery. With embroidery skills, you can create unique designs on a variety of fabrics. By adding finishing touches such as velvet ribbons and original buttons to your clothes, you are able to create a completely new item of clothing

If you’re not fond of sewing by hand, a mechanical machine with a built-in automatic needle threader and rotary bottom thread picker might be a good option – an example model that meets these requirements is juno e1019. If you are looking for a professional machine janome juno store internet has a wide range of solid and durable mechanical and computerized machines, which are covered by a long warranty

Stones to sew on

An attractive way of decorating clothes are also details in the form of decorative stones. Holes placed in the stones make it easy to sew them manually on any material. Shining zircons in different shapes are suitable for creating an interesting application on a T-shirt, decorating a jeans pocket or the surface of a cotton bag.

Self-adhesive zircons and thermogels

Zircons and self-adhesive rhinestones can also be used to decorate your clothes. Thanks to them you can create eye-catching applications without using a needle and thread. The crystals are coated with glue on the underside, so that all you need to use them is an iron and a cotton cloth. You can also use the iron to decorate your clothes with patches and embroideries in various shapes. These can help you make your kids’ clothes more colorful and personalized

Paints, pastels and fabric markers

Many people are afraid of sewing on the machine, although learning stitches can be fun and bring a lot of satisfaction. It is important to start learning on a device that will not discourage you from continuing the hobby. Sewing machine model, which is often recommended for beginners, is juno e1015, because it is characterized by a high tolerance for errors. However, if you are looking for alternative ways to decorate your clothes, you can reach for creative fabric dyeing and painting kits.

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