Securing a shipment – what will come in handy?

Securing a shipment – what will come in handy?
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Sometimes it happens that a parcel gets damaged on the way, especially if it is something extremely delicate. Each of us would certainly prefer to avoid it, but how to do it? Just follow a few simple rules, and you can be sure that the package will be delivered to the recipient intact

Choosing the right packaging

The most important issue is choosing the right packaging, and more specifically, its size. Whatever material you choose – cardboard box, tube, plastic or metal container, or wooden box – the most important thing is that the packaging should be as close as possible to the dimensions of the goods being shipped. What will it guarantee? First of all, it will protect the goods from moving, which will effectively limit the damage resulting from bumping against the walls of the packaging. In addition, it will allow you to save money, because the size, and thus the cost of sending the package will be much smaller, and you will be able to resign from buying fillers. However, they will be useful when the product being sent is very delicate and requires proper cushioning. Then it is worth deciding on such solutions as crumpled paper, bubble wrap, granules, pillows with air, and even old crumpled newspapers.

Remember also that the shipment should have a regular and standard shape, such as a cube or cuboid, and that the goods in the package should not move at all. How to achieve this? For example, by using Styrofoam adhering directly to the item being transported. Additional attention should be paid to packages with some food or pharmaceutical products. In their case, it will also be necessary to protect the goods with dry ice, so that they do not lose their properties. You will find all the necessary articles and suitable packaging at

Solidly secured from the outside

It is also important to properly secure the package from the outside. The most popular solution is a cardboard box, which can be additionally reinforced with stretch foil. Remember also that the parcel should always be secured with packing tape, for example the one you can find at If the items you are sending are particularly delicate and valuable and require maximum protection from potential damage, you can also opt for a container. There are those made of metal or plastic available on the market, which will certainly do a great job of protecting the shipment during transportation and will help deliver it intact. Wooden crates are also a good choice in this situation. They offer very effective protection against most common damages, while being relatively easy and cheap to make.

Proper labeling and insurance

To make sure your package is as safe as possible, make sure you also put the appropriate markings such as “top/bottom” or “caution glass” on your package. This way you can be sure that the courier will notice that your parcel is one of the more fragile ones. Unfortunately, however, even the best stickers and package preparation do not give a hundred percent guarantee that the package will not be damaged in transit. Therefore, if it is extremely valuable and valuable, it is worth considering insuring it.

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