Modern garden – how to arrange it yourself?

Modern garden – how to arrange it yourself?
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The garden can be our place of relaxation, but more and more people also want it to be stylish and match the look of the house. Check out how to create a beautiful yet modern garden.

Modern materials for the garden

In more modern garden arrangements, stone slabs, as well as their combination with metal, will certainly work perfectly. Metal, glass and stone always look tasteful, and above all are the determinant of the modern style. So it’s worth, instead of a rather standard fence, choose a more innovative, made for example of metal spans or stone. The gabion fence looks exceptionally elegant and original. It is made of stacked stones of different sizes and shapes. Gabions are in turn metal racks for stones, which also allow the aesthetic incorporation of such as gas meter or lighting. The whole thing composes well with modern building and ideally works in conjunction with other elements of the garden, also made in stone.

The modern garden – inspiration: geometry above all

In a modern garden you would look in vain for semi-circular, forged benches, or romantic wooden deck chairs with carving. Such a project requires the use of cubist and geometric patterns, which will perfectly blend in with the severity of materials such as metal or stone. Simplicity of shapes is the key to this style, so arranged in a line of rectangular paths made of stones or slabs – wonderfully fit in such an arrangement. In addition, you can also emphasize the simplicity of the garden with minimalist flower and shrub pots, simple pergolas for climbing ivy or grapevines, or a terrace border made with a subtle wall in a similar shade to the ground.

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Best Solutions

We can not miss modern solutions such as electrically controlled canopy over the terrace, built on a metal frame, or lighting placed in the floor. Solar lamps and lighting in the form of LED strip also look great in modern gardens. What is important, it is energy efficient.

Modern gardens – arrangements: symmetry also in the beds

Symmetrically arranged rows of flower pots, grass in the modern garden or evenly planted decorative shrubs, decorated with stones, look unique and are a great showcase garden. For an even more impressive look, you can also opt for plants that you shape in any way you like. These include barberry, thuyas and boxwood. They are a delightful green even in winter and fit in beautifully with a modern garden style. Instead, avoid plants which are difficult to care for and which bush out strongly. What’s important is that you can use small conifers to create an interesting geometric pattern or path. The modern garden is also the perfect place to grow Bonsai trees. Choose a few of your favorite types of plants and rely on their constant pruning and proper care.


Here you should bet on technorattan, which is versatile and at the same time easy to clean. Metal tables with glass and simple loungers will also work well in a modern garden.

How to recognize a well-planned modern garden?

Upon entering a modern garden, you get the impression that everything is well-balanced, structured, and in its place. We see harmony, which makes us feel calm. Such a garden should not cut off from the appearance of the house or other buildings in the area, so that it creates a harmonious whole.

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