Get inspired for spring and transform your bedroom

Get inspired for spring and transform your bedroom
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Changes come out best in the spring, which has already been confirmed. Spring metamorphoses of interiors come out beautifully! Spring colors add charm to the interiors, and fresh arrangements of space make us stay in them more often. How to fashionably change your bedroom?

Neutral colors intertwined with juicy greenery

Can you imagine a spring bedroom arrangement without greenery? Neither can we! Even if your interior is small, introduce one color that will break the neutral character of the room and make it more colorful. Neutral colors of walls and accessories contrast beautifully with intense green, honey yellow or cool, deep blue. Such interior design will be not only beautiful and elegant, but above all original! What green bedroom accessories to choose for spring? Bed linen sheets, decorative pillows and green pot holders will bring in the spring atmosphere.

Murals for bedrooms – feel the magic of wild flowers

The most fashionable wall murals for bedrooms this season are those with a flower motif, in almost every version. Huge buds of flowers, roses, peonies and field flowers – will be a hit of the season spring/summer 2021. Flowers mean subtlety and delicacy. They are light, romantic and will enliven any bedroom, giving it a unique character. Wall murals in flowers are definitely the most popular models in our store’s offer. What accessories can be combined with floral wallpaper to make your bedroom cozy and comfortable?

First of all – delicate, yellow (not white) lighting. If possible, limit it to bedside lamps. Yellow, warm light will warm up the interior. You can also use decorative lamps, which you can hang on the headrest of the bed. Secondly – live, green plants on the windowsill! Apart from the fact that they will enrich the air with oxygen, you can match them with flower pot covers. Remember to choose mono-colored accessories, such as powder pink. Patterned wallpaper is an interesting idea, but you need to choose accessories and add-ons in a skillful way to avoid an overwhelming effect.

Urban jungle in your interior, open up to wildness

The urban jungle bloomed in our homes already a year ago, but it is currently undergoing another boom. Urban jungle style is an interesting alternative for those who long for wild, untamed nature and at the same time want to introduce a bit of exoticism to their interior. This trend is mainly based on huge amounts of live, green leafy plants in every corner. The more the better, especially when compared to furniture and accessories made of light wood, wicker or other natural materials. There are even special plant mock-ups that you can attach to the wall. Such indoor gardens will turn your living room or bedroom into a real spring meadow! Be inspired and bet on ecological, natural and proven materials that will be used to make your furniture and accessories. Feel the fresh climate and let spring into your interior!

Photo by Isaac Quesada/Unsplash

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