Which automatic washing machine to choose?

Which automatic washing machine to choose?
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Which washing machine to choose? What should pay attention to when buying this type of equipment? Which brand of washing machine will be the best? If you are looking for an efficient and effective washing machine, we invite you to read!

  1. How to choose the right automatic washing machines?
  2. What maximum spin speed is best?
  3. Front or top loading washing machines?
  4. Inverter or induction motor?

A washing machine is an appliance that each of us has in our home. If you want to choose the most efficient, yet economical and trouble-free washing machine, it is essential to specify your requirements. This way you will know which devices will meet your expectations. What should you pay attention to when buying a washing machine? You will find the answers in this article.

How to choose the right automatic washing machines?

It is worth paying attention to modern washing machines, equipped with innovative features. This, of course, refers to the various washing modes, thanks to which we can wash individual clothes in appropriate conditions, which ensures that they will not be so quickly damaged. The possibility to shorten the washing time, remote control by smartphone and automatic weight control are also important for many customers. In addition, interested parties are more likely to go for solutions that are distinguished by a new energy class and low energy consumption.

The best automatic washing machines are those that meet our expectations and requirements. First, determine what space you have. On the market you will find standard solutions, slim or super slim models and top loading washing machines. Standard washing machines are the most roomy compared to the other options. But also, not everyone can afford such large appliances because they are limited by the small size of their bathroom.

The next factor to pay special attention to is the capacity of the washing machine. Large devices hold from 10 to even 13 kg of clothes, large ones from 8 to 9 kg, medium ones from 6 to 7 kg, and small – from 4 to 5 kg. The first washing machines are recommended for families with more than 5 members, while large ones will work well in a house with four people. Medium ones are most often chosen by couples, and small ones – by singles or students.

If you are looking for a wide range of washing machines, please visit https://www.neonet.pl/duze-agd/pralki.html – we guarantee that you will find the optimal washing machine for you in the store!

What maximum spin speed is best?

When choosing a washing machine, of course, often pay attention to the maximum spin speed. This value is given in revolutions per minute. The range of spinning speeds in traditional washing machines is from 700 rpm to as high as 1600 rpm. Higher speeds will be appreciated by those who do laundry frequently. Remember, however, that higher revolutions can have an adverse effect on the quality of our clothes. Therefore, in such a situation, typical washer-dryers are recommended.

Front or top loading washing machines?

Wondering which washing machine will be the best? Do you have to choose between a front loading or a top loading washing machine? Of course, it all depends on your needs and preferences. In general washing machines the front-loading washing machines are wider and therefore take up more space. However, they are often lower, so you can easily make use of the space above the appliance by fitting shelves, for example.

A front loading washing machine also allows you to check your laundry without any problems due to the glass door. Thanks to this, when washing white clothes, if you notice that they change color, you can quickly react by stopping the process. Moreover, in front-loaded washing machines we have better access to the working elements. So the repair itself is easier than in the case of devices where clothes are loaded from the top.

The advantages of top-loaded washing machines include practicality and taking up less space. This is a great option for people who have a small bathroom. Moreover, we do not have to bend down or squat to put in and take out the laundry, which can be an advantage for some people. The disadvantage of top-loading washing machines, however, is that these devices require adequate space above the appliance. If you wanted to use the wall to nail down shelves for cosmetics or detergents, there’s a good chance that a top-loading washing machine will prevent you from doing so.

The disadvantages of top-loading washing machines also include the difficulty in case of repairs. This is due to its smaller size compared to front-loading solutions. In addition, not every brand deals with the production of devices of this type. So the customer does not have much choice in terms of manufacturer. A top-loading washing machine also has no glass, so we can not control the washing cycle. In addition, such devices can not be built in. An equally important disadvantage, which often tilts the scales in favor of front-loaded washing machines, is a smaller number of washing programs.

If you have a small bathroom but want a front-loading washing machine, you can put it in the kitchen! Front-loading appliances can easily be integrated and built in with the rest of your kitchen furniture.

Inverter or induction motor?

There are commutator, induction and inverter motors used in washing machines. Increasingly popular is the latter solution, because it is not only powered by alternating current, but also guarantees quiet operation and high rotation at the same time. The commutator motor of all three runs the loudest. Induction – or brushless – as a single-phase solution is much quieter, but provides much lower RPM compared to the aforementioned inverter motor.

Experts recommend the inverter motor because of its performance and quiet operation. The inveterate motor has one important advantage – due to the nature of its work, it turns out to be more resistant to various types of damage. In addition, these motors guarantee electricity savings and, consequently, also financial savings. If you are interested in washing machines with inverter motors, be sure to check out models with energy class A+++. This type of appliances is a guarantee of lower electricity bills! As you can see, choosing a washing machine does not have to be complicated, and in addition to such parameters as water consumption, electronic display or how long the pre-wash lasts, it is also worth paying attention to several other things. In this way, a new washing machine will serve for many years, especially since a good free-standing washing machine will provide access to every necessary washing mode and make hand washing unnecessary, because everything will be taken care of by spin washing machines.

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