Looking for some fun and festive unicorn card games to play this holiday season?

Looking for some fun and festive unicorn card games to play this holiday season?
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The holidays are upon us and that means the whole family will be getting together to celebrate the season with festive food, drinks, and gifts! During the holidays, it’s important to have fun games to play with family and friends – that’s why we’ve put together this list of unicorn card games you can enjoy no matter what time of year it is! Whether you’re looking for something silly to play with your kiddos or more challenging to play with friends, this unicorn card will bring out your inner magic and make your holiday season merry and bright!

Check out our top picks for unicorn card games that the whole family will enjoy!

What are Unicorn-Themed Card Games?

These are a fun and festive way to celebrate the holidays with your family. There is a variety available, so there is sure to be one that everyone in your family will enjoy. These can be found at most retail stores, or online.

Some of our favorites include: 

  1. The Magical Quest Game

Players take on the role of unicorns who are on a quest to find the lost magical unicorn. The first player to find the magical unicorn wins. 

  1. The Mischief Night Game 

It comes with four decks – three decks depicting scenes from Mischievous Day, Mischievous Night, and Mischievous Morning. Players collect points by answering trivia questions about these scenes while trying to avoid collecting Mischievous pieces – they move you back into space and steal points from you! If they answer incorrectly they lose all their points. Be careful not to go too far into the night time though because if it gets too late the Evil Unicorn moves closer and closer until he steals everything!

At what age should kids start playing these?

There is no one answer to this question as different children will be ready for different games at different ages. However, in general, most kids will be able to start playing from around age four or five. As they get a little older, they can start playing more complex things with more rules. Ultimately, it is up to the parents to decide when their child is ready to start playing.

  1. Skip-Bo

If you want something that can be played by anyone, regardless of age or ability, go with Skip-Bo. This is a great game for pre-schoolers up to adults. The goal is pretty simple: players take turns drawing cards until someone gets three in a row, either diagonally, vertically, or horizontally. Whoever gets those three matching cards has to pick them up before playing moves on. The first person who collects all 104 cards wins! 

  1. Farkle Dice Game

It has been a firm favorite in my house over Christmas break every year. The game itself is a little more complicated than Skip-Bo, but can still be enjoyed by anyone at any age.

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and fun! What better way to spread some holiday cheer than by playing a festive game or two? Our top picks for these are sure to get you in the holiday spirit! So gather your loved ones, break out the deck of cards, and get ready for some holiday fun! So, to get your hands on the best collection of holiday packs, have a look here. 

Main photo: Sergi Viladesau/unsplash.com

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