How to clean grout in the bathroom?

How to clean grout in the bathroom?
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Cleaning grout is not a pleasant task. However, we should take the time to do it from time to time to prevent the growth of fungus, mold, and permanent stains.

Tiles in the bathroom are a standard nowadays. Most often they cover the floor, the shower cubicle, but also parts or all of the walls. If we have tiles, we are sure to have grout as well. This connection is necessary and inseparable. Grout fills the space between individual tiles and provides the surface with a tight covering. Even if the grout is very thin, it still affects the perception of the entire space. It is important to maintain them in good condition and original color. How to clean grout?

The first way – acid and salt

If we own white grout in the bathroom, for their cleaning we can successfully use lemon juice or vinegar in combination with salt. This mixture will clean, disinfect and additionally whiten the dirty grout. Create a thick paste from salt and selected acid. Use a toothbrush to cover the grout with the well mixed paste. Then leave it for a while for the mixture to take effect. After two quarters of an hour, you can scrub the joints with a soft brush and then remove the excess of the paste with paper. After the treatment, the tiles should be washed

Method two – use accessories for brushing teeth

Another proven method of polishing white grout is to use a toothbrush and toothpaste. It is important that the paste is a paste – not a gel or other invention for cleaning teeth. The best choice is the white one, the most traditional variant. Put a bit of toothpaste on the brush and start scrubbing. And so step by step, place by place. Finally, thoroughly wash the entire surface of the tiles with warm water.

Third method – reliable and universal baking soda

Baking soda should be found in every household. Its universal application is almost legendary. An additional advantage is that baking soda is an ecological cleaning agent. It has no negative impact on the environment. How to clean grout with baking soda?

If you want to clean grout with baking soda, you can use just the powder and a bit of water. Again, a brush or soft cloth will be helpful. First cover the grout with the thick paste and then scrub it for a while. You can try to remove heavier dirt, including mould, with a mixture of soda and vinegar. Each time after cleaning grout with baking soda, you should wash the surface very carefully. Firstly, because after drying the soda leaves a white residue. Secondly, left on the tiles can leave pits.

Fourth method – ammonia for special tasks

Moist, warm places are particularly prone to the formation of fungi and mold. What could be more ideal than the corners of a shower? Practically not. It is there, on the grout, that a brown or greenish tarnish appears. A homemade way to clean the grout in your shower is with a mixture of ammonia and soda. Pour half a cup of ammonia and two full teaspoons of soda into an atomizer bottle. We then spray the tiles and grout and leave it for an hour to allow the mixture to work. After the indicated time, the grout should be washed and rinsed thoroughly with running water.

Method five – magic white sponge

Foam based on melamine resin. Only this much and that much creates the so-called magic sponge (the proper name of many sellers). The sponges are sold in sets of several pieces. Before use, moisten the sponge with water, squeeze well and get down to scrubbing. The effects in cleaning tiles and grout with its help can be really spectacular

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