Youth bed – what to keep in mind when buying?

Youth bed – what to keep in mind when buying?
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Practical, fashionable and friendly for a healthy sleep – these are just some of the requirements that are placed on youth beds. Fortunately the wide range available on the market allows you to choose freely. What to keep in mind when buying?

When is the best time to make the switch?

The best time to make a change is when a young person outgrows their previous bed. Why?

A youth bed is an investment for several years

The reason is the child’s preference for the look of the bed. They should decide in which bed they will sleep and how their room will look like. If we buy a piece of furniture in advance, our daughter or son may quickly stop liking it, and yet a bed is an investment for several years, so there is no point in replacing it too quickly.

What dimensions of a bed for a teenager will be the best?

First of all, you need to determine the absolute minimum, below which we can not go down. In the case of a bed for a teenager, these dimensions will be 80 x 200 cm. For such a model, we absolutely must set aside space

What are the benefits of choosing a larger bed?

Already buying a 90 x 200 cm model will offer more comfort. In the event that space in the room of a teenager is abundant, you can consider buying a bed with a width of 120 cm

Comfortable bed for tight spaces

Shortage of space in the teenager’s room may make a spacious 120 cm wide bed a piece of furniture of too large dimensions, taking away space intended for objects. If, despite this, we want to provide the child with comfort, there are two solutions: choosing a fold-out sofa with good parameters for sleeping or a bed on a mezzanine. The second option seems to be optimal and in addition looks great.

What kind of mattress to choose for a youth bed?

First of all you need to choose a mattress which provides good support for the spine during sleep, which will translate into proper regeneration of the young body. The mattress must not collapse, as this can lead to various postural defects. A mattress that is too firm can also cause back pain

The best mattresses for young people

For young people, products made of highly flexible foam and latex are especially recommended. Double-sided mattresses of different firmness are the best. Their advantage is that they provide proper support despite changes in the child’s weight and body structure

What happens if your child has a badly chosen mattress?

Sleeplessness, fatigue and irritability are just some of the consequences of a poor quality mattress. A poorly chosen mattress can cause various postural defects and back pain

What kind of bed frame for a teenager?

From a medical standpoint, the bed frame doesn’t really matter. It is more about the aesthetic aspect. The frame should match the interior design

Wooden or metal?

A bed for a teenager can have either a wooden or metal frame. However, the metal frame is more durable. Wood, on the other hand, is a natural material and matches practically every interior. The metal frame may be painted in such a way as to create a coherent whole with the remaining elements of the interior décor

Bed with a bed linen container or a place for books

The bottom of the youth bed is an interesting place to develop. The most common choice is a traditional bedding container. You can also store sheets and blankets in it. In stores there are also models with shelves for books, thanks to which we can perfectly manage the space in the room. If you only have a large space under the bed, you can buy a wicker container and keep things in it. 4

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