How to decorate your balcony for autumn? The best inspirations

How to decorate your balcony for autumn? The best inspirations
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The end of summer does not necessarily mean that the balcony will be put out of service until the arrival of spring. You can enjoy the charms of having a balcony all year round, but you should arrange the space properly, adapting it to the deteriorating weather. Learn about ways to furnish an autumn balcony. 

Plants for the balcony 

It’s time to fill the pots with autumn plant varieties. Heather and chrysanthemums should reign supreme on an autumn balcony, as this is their flowering time. Heather can be enjoyed until late autumn. Romantic bushes come in many color variants: you can find white, pink, purple and red varieties. It is best to opt for a combination of different color variants. Plants need soil with an acidic pH, after purchase they require transplanting into larger pots. Make sure that the heather has a moist substrate, because they quickly dry out. 

It is worth appreciating the beauty of chrysanthemums not only on graves, but also on the balcony. The plants come in a variety of colors: white, orange, red, pink, purple and yellow, they can also differ in the shape and size of the inflorescence. Chrysanthemums are reliable for creating multicolored compositions. These cold-resistant plants do not require special care, it is enough to provide them with access to light and sufficient water.

The autumn balcony should also host asters. Asters owe their name to the Greek word, which means star, while the name refers to the shape of the inflorescence. The plants come in many varieties, varying in color (although white, purple or blue are the most popular) and size. Asters need fertile, permeable and humus soil and good sunlight.

It is difficult to imagine an autumn arrangement without the symbol of autumn – the pumpkin. Pumpkins hide a number of decorative possibilities – they can be placed anywhere, they come in many color and size variants, they also work well as decorations inside the apartment. Decorative pumpkins have a thick skin, so they are resistant to damage. They look beautiful inside wicker baskets and in combination with autumn flowers. 

Durable furniture 

Balcony furniture should, above all, be resistant to adverse weather conditions. A key aspect is the material used to make the furniture, so inquire at the store about the most favorable option. Most often, a balcony is associated with a small space, so lightweight, multifunctional furniture, created, for example, from the popular technorattan, will work well. It is worth investing in high-quality products that do not deteriorate under the influence of harmful atmospheric conditions (precipitation, wind, humidity, temperature fluctuations, UV rays) and do not require a number of care measures.  

Decorative textiles and lighting 

Atmospheric lighting can bring a truly magical and cozy atmosphere. It’s enough to hang lamps or put up a few candles to dispel the gloomy autumn aura and start relaxing in a green nook with pleasure. When it comes to textiles, it is worth betting on accessories with color references to autumn: red, shades of yellow, orange or purple, which will warm up the space and become a visual energy boost. Thick blankets, preferably made of natural materials, should be an integral part of the furnishings, which will protect against the cold and intensify the cozy, homey atmosphere. Wooden boxes in which you can place pumpkins, woven baskets or clay pots are also beneficial.

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