The Mysterious and Tantalizing Red Wine from Bordeaux

The Mysterious and Tantalizing Red Wine from Bordeaux
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The famous red wine from Bordeaux is perhaps the most well-known wine in the world, yet few people know what makes it so special or why it’s different from other types of red wine. The secret lies in the soil of Bordeaux and its unique microclimates. Let’s explore more about this mysterious and tantalizing red wine from Bordeaux. 

What is Bordeaux Wine?

France is known for many things, but few embody its traditions more than fine wine. While there are certainly some well-known varietals in France (and across Europe), one of their most prominent wines is also a bit mysterious: Bordeaux wine. This red wine comes from Bordeaux, a region on France’s southwestern tip. It has become synonymous with quality—so much so that it’s often used as a benchmark for other wines. 

Bordeaux wine first came about in France around 1550 when King Henry II commissioned a group of British merchants to create fortified ports along his country’s coastline. These fortified ports became quite popular, even prompting Dutch merchants to travel all over southern England to purchase them—which eventually led them to purchase English ports too! This demand inspired winemakers in Bordeaux to start producing table wines, which quickly spread throughout England and then into northern Europe. In fact, by 1660, Bordeaux was already famous for its red wine production.

You might be wondering why they named a type of French wine after an English city—it’s actually pretty simple. Back in those days, Bordeaux wasn’t just a place; it was also a political district. So when people referred to Bordeaux wines, they were referring to any wine produced within that district. Today, however, people refer specifically to red Bordeaux wine produced within the borders of Bordeaux itself—but both terms are still used interchangeably.

How Was Bordeaux Made?

If you’re not familiar with Bordeaux wines, here’s a brief rundown of how it was made. As a red wine, Bordeaux is crafted from grapes left on its vines for longer than many of its French counterparts. Additionally, they are fermented in oak barrels rather than stainless steel vats which imparts that distinct woody taste. The wine then spends years aging before being bottled. The final product is a rich red wine with notes of caramel and vanilla that pairs well with hearty meats like steak or lamb chops. When served at room temperature, Bordeaux can be enjoyed by itself or paired with cheese. While there are many different types of wines from Italy, Bordeaux has one claim to fame: its long aging process makes it perfect for pairing with food!

What makes wines from Bordeaux unique?

The Bordeaux wine region has long been famous for its red wines. Although Bordeaux is not a true wine-producing region, it is located in what is known as France’s wine country. In fact, if you look at a map of France and draw a box around all of its vineyards, you will find that they are largely concentrated in one area: The eastern half of France’s Gironde (or Garonne) River Valley. This valley is home to some of France’s most prestigious wineries, including Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Chateau Margaux, and Chateau Latour.

Should you go to France? Or Buy Online?

If you’re looking to save money, then a trip to France might not be right for you. The trip will cost you roughly $1,000, leaving only $800 to spend on wine. It’s possible that you could spend that on wine while in France, but if it’s your first time there or you aren’t well versed in French wines, buying online is your best bet. You can find some excellent bottles of wine at prices comparable to what you would pay at home. Check out if you want to buy Bordeaux wines online.

Where to Buy Bordeaux Wine?

Bordeaux is a region of France that produces some of its world-famous wines including, but not limited to, reds like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. If you’re interested in drinking these special beverages, but wondering where to buy Bordeaux wine then we have the answer. You can buy these special wines online at! We offer exclusive discounts on all your favorite bottles and deliver the famous wines from Bordeaux right to your doorstep.

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