Wedding nails – how to style them?

Wedding nails – how to style them?
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A wedding is a special occasion, so your manicure should also be polished and beautiful. If you are looking for inspiration for your upcoming wedding, this article is for you! Check out the hot trends in wedding manicure.

Bridal babyboomer nails still trendy

Fashion for hairstyles and wedding dresses changes frequently. When it comes to nails, this rule is not always the case. For several years now, the babyboomer has been a trend. This manicure is distinguished by the combination of soft colors – powder pink and white with ombre. Thanks to shading you can even better bring out the difference in light shade between pink and white. This is the perfect choice for undecided brides, who love pink, but do not like to look candy. Such a manicure will add to their charm and elegance.

Classic Nails

For women who appreciate traditional solutions, we recommend a neat and classic manicure. Peel back cuticles and aesthetically filed nails always look good. They do not draw attention, but also do not “scare” the amount of overloaded ornaments or poorly chosen color. If your wedding dress itself creates a wow effect, a classic manicure will be a great choice.

In a nude shade

Very conservative and extremely charming “nude” shades are sure to be in fashion for many more seasons. And they do not have to be associated with boredom. If you mark your ring finger with a gold sticker or a pattern, you can be sure that this nail color will fit perfectly into your wedding style. What’s important, it’s extremely versatile, so it goes well with both light, lace boho style dresses, as well as the more daring ones in a color other than écru or conservative white.

Irreplaceable french wedding nails

French will never go out of style, especially since its variant with colored tips is extremely trendy nowadays. Slightly more modern versions of it are also seen in wedding styles. Apart from classic white rims, golden accents or floral motifs also appear.

Nails with Gold

If you want to feel like a princess during your wedding then bet on glamour. Gold wedding nails will surely help you feel special. Not only do they shine beautifully but they are also very visible. They perfectly emphasize your tan and jewelry of the same color. Gold particles or metallic polishes in this shade can be matched perfectly with pink and white. They always look elegant in this combination.

With a marble motif

Marble nowadays appears practically everywhere – Art Deco furniture, ceramics, as well as paintings – it is a real hit in interior design. It could not be missing in manicure trends either. They perfectly imitate natural stone and tiny veins painted on a tile look interesting. For brave women there are also inspirations with black and white. In combination with pink they can look extremely interesting.

Bridal lace nails

In wedding inspirations we could not miss lace, too. This delicate decoration can perfectly emphasize romantic wedding dress. If you want a manicure that will perfectly match your style, lace is a great choice. It can be combined with zircons and gold, which will add some sparkle to your nails.

The most popular wedding nail decorations

Some brides prefer monochromatic nails, while others want decorations that will emphasize the uniqueness of the whole style. Among the most popular decorations still “strongly” hold zircons, pearls, lace, gold accents, metallic hybrid polishes, as well as three-dimensional stickers. It is worth choosing the shade and type of decoration for the manicure – the shape of the nail and its style. Many inspirations available, for example, on Instagram are presented against the background of wedding dresses, which will certainly help to choose the one and only manicure.

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