Wedding suit – what to look for when buying?

Wedding suit – what to look for when buying?
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The wedding suit is certainly an extremely important element in the ceremony. It draws as much attention as the bride’s dress, so gentlemen should make sure it looks just right. Before you choose your elegant outfit for the wedding, check out what to pay special attention to.

How to choose a wedding suit according to your figure?

It is crucial to choose a wedding suit according to the figure of the groom. Shorter men look better in well-tailored suits, and not in tailcoats or tuxedos, which may further reduce the optical height. Additionally, it is very important that the suit is well-fitted – too tight, with too short sleeves will look rather comical and not elegant. The length of the legs should also be checked. The back part of the leg must end in the middle of the heel. There are modern men’s suits, which slightly deviate from the accepted canon, but these are intended only for tall men. A short man should also not choose a very built-up jacket, fastened with 3 or more buttons. A well tailored jacket, with two buttons, cut in the shape of a V will make your silhouette slimmer. You can also choose a model with special shoulder padding. Then even a slimmer and shorter man will look elegant and striking, as well as more masculine.

Taller men, on the other hand, can afford three-piece variants of the wedding suit. A vest will be a very elegant addition and will also add to your seriousness. If you are tall, opt for a fitted waist suit. For a less formal ceremony, tighter pants in which the hem will be less visible are also acceptable, as well as shorter pants that do not end halfway down the heel, but over it. An important part of wedding attire for men is the button-up jacket. Taller men with slim physiques can afford a double-breasted fastening. Those who are slightly less slim should stay with the classic solution.

Color and texture of the wedding suit

This is where we get into some rough ground, as every man may like a different style of suit. Color is an individual thing, but in order not to diverge from your beloved very much, it is worth to choose the shade of the outfit to her wedding dress and the nature of the ceremony. An elegant lace wedding dress with a long, cathedral train will go perfectly with a subdued, but very classic black tuxedo. In this case, however, remember to choose a bow tie instead of a tie and a characteristic Spanish belt. If you don’t prefer this kind of outfit and prefer a classic suit, choose black or dark blue shade.

More casual and recently extremely fashionable outdoor wedding ceremonies can be less formal and stiff. Here, in turn, a wedding suit in a shade of light navy blue, maroon, or brown will definitely suit. You can also bet on an interesting texture of material or pattern – e.g. checkered pattern. It will perfectly emphasize the rustic character of the reception. Colorful bow tie will certainly add fantasy and originality to the set.

Shades of graphite and gray also work very well. Remember, however, not to choose too shiny and thin materials. Unfortunately, they look very tacky, and after all, a wedding suit can serve you for many years.

Wedding suit accessories

In addition to the suit, accessories are also very important. With a tuxedo and a tailcoat, you don’t have much room for manoeuvre. The only thing that goes with them is a bow tie, which matches the color of the suit. Wedding suit gives more room for maneuver. You can choose both bow tie and tie. Bow tie is rather associated with very elegant parties, but nothing more wrong! A colorful bow tie with an interesting texture will also be suitable for a rustic wedding. If you want to look a little more casual, match it with colorful socks with an interesting pattern. The wedding suit can be beautifully decorated with flowers pinned in the buttonhole as well as elegant cufflinks or a tie. Match all these accessories with the suit you have already purchased. You will also find shirts and shoes in the men’s clothing store. For a perfect match, ask the salesperson for help and buy all accessories in one place so you can try them on and find the right fit.

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